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June 19, 2009

History, Homeschool

Homeschoolers and Lovers of Educations and Books everywhere, hear ye, hear ye! This is one of the greatets educational resources you will have. If you are anything like me and my kids, we do a LOT of research online, we read a LOT of online books. My daughter, a budding historian, is an expert at online research and searches a lot of electronic documents for all the papers she writes.

Ebook_logoThe website is called eBook Search Queen. It’s amazing! Try it out here. The website allows you to search and sift through e-books, documents, and e-book databases in formats including PDF files, PPT, TXT, DOC and RTF formats, among others. You can search pdf files and other electronic files with the Search Queen search engine, by keyword, by the most recent search, by country, and more. The Search Queen will look for your book with just a few keywords (I am notorious for forgetting the titles of books, I only remember keywords) and allow you to search the files, preview them, and download them if you want to.

For example, I was looking for the writings of Mercy Otis Warren. Ever hear of her? Yeah, only .003% of the U.S. population has heard of her. She was the daughter of James Otis of Boston, an influential lawyer and contemporary of Sam Adams, and she married Joseph Warren, a patriot who died at the very beginning of the quest for independence from Britain in 1773. She wrote many plays and also wrote an extensive history of the American Revolution; her writings are rare and mostly unknown. But the Search Queen knew of her! I did a search and I was directed to several e-books and online documents about her! Very impressive!

The eBook Search Queen is a nice, simple search engine designed specifically for e-books. And I think it’s a terrific tool for homeschoolers and researchers. Check it out!



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