Searching For Your Searchers

October 6, 2009

Culture, Reviews

It’s amazing. Ten years ago, the Internet was just getting on its feet. People were loathe to use their actual names and locations, because the Internet was so anonymizing and still so new, and yet so wide open to everything.

Now, just about everyone has an online presence. Thanks to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blogging, and the ability to upload and share your personal photos and videos, the anonymity of the Internet is not. I admit, I am still a wee surprised when people post their real names, addresses, or photos online. I still use a pen name. But others have no problem with using their real names.

And then there’s the “meeting” of people on the Internet. Ten years ago, it was CRAZY to “meet” someone online and then travel to meet them in person! But I have heard of people who meet their spouses this way; and I have made some true friends thanks to the Net.

So the Internet is slowly seeping into our everyday lives. Don’t you ever wonder if someone is looking you up? Employers search the Internet for background checks of prospective employees. So do friends and spouses-to-be. What if you could do a search to find out who is looking you up? This prospect blows my mind, but it’s actually possible! MyLife is America’s #1 people search, and they’ve made it possible for you to search for your searchers! MyLife is a free “people finder” and social network; so it’s absolutely free to join, but you do have to register to use the site and the search features. So if you’re looking for your long-lost pen pal or high school teacher, or a friend or relative who has moved away, you may want to check out MyLife. And with more and more people building their profiles online, it’s easier then ever to find them. Check out the site for yourself and see!



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