Self-Prescribed Rest

May 7, 2008

Dear Diary

Well, I’m stuck. No activities for me. šŸ™ My back is officially down and out and I’m on self-prescribed bed rest until the swollen disks decide to settle down and stop giving me pain. A few years ago, when all I had was a desktop computer, this kind of bed rest drove me NUTS. I couldn’t take the desktop to bed with me, and I was in too much pain to read books, so I just laid in agony for weeks. It was really lousy.

A few years ago I got a laptop, and what a Godsend! Now, when I have to put my feet up, I can take my work (or play) with me. It is still a little difficult laying down sideways and trying to type or use a mouse, but a laptop is the next-best thing to an lcd mount where I can be semi-reclined. Maybe someday I’ll get something like that. But for now, I have to type sideways!

I don’t expect I’ll be laid up for too long. This time, I caught it early before I really strain myself too badly. Last year I was bedridden for six weeks. It was AWFUL. It was because I ignored the pain and just kept going, going, going. I guess I’m getting smarter in my old age. šŸ˜

2 Responses to “Self-Prescribed Rest”

  1. manilenya Says:

    Hope you get well soon, so you won`t be typing sideways anymore.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    lol, thanks I appreciate that. šŸ™‚