Shades of Spring

January 21, 2009


Ugggghhhh! Just heard the weather report for the weekend, and sub-zero temperatures are on the way AGAIN. We just suffered two weeks of them!! Wah! The weatherman said that our current reprieve, of 15-degree Fahrenheit temperatures, can be considered our “January Thaw.” Oh, hardy har har. January Thaws usually involve temperatures in the 40s, not the 10s. :-p

I am SO looking forward to spring cleaning this year. And gardening. And clearing out all the junk in the house and getting new curtains. I am tired of dark colors, heavy drapes, and sunless days. Time for a change! And there’s nothing that cheers up a girl more than window shopping! 😀 I mean, REAL window shopping. Yeah– we need new windows AND we need new window dressing. Ever since I renovated the living room, I’ve been enduring the goofy green curtains. I think this year in my year for new window shades. And one great site to peruse is the fabulous The Shade Store. CLASSY, CLASSY, CLASSY! Right now The Shade Store is having a sale, just in time for solving the winter doldrums– 15% off orders with the coupon code IZEA01, and free shipping! The Roman shades are my favorite, and I just love that color mauve. They would look so good in my beige-themed living room. My walls are that exact same color. Isn’t it gorgeous?

The Shade Store offers something called Eco-Solar Shades. They are enviro-friendly and conserve energy by absorbing and blocking the sun’s UV rays. This also helps to keep your room’s interior furnishing from fading (like carpets and furniture) and keeps rooms cooler in the summer. WHat’s amazing is that the shades are 100% recyclable and are “GreenGuard” certified.

Looking over the site is a sight for sore eyes. The shades and window treatments are so beautiful. I can’t WAIT until spring!



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