Silly Kittens

February 4, 2009


funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Forgive me, but I found this video just SOOOO FUNNY and couldn’t stop playing it over and over. Bwahahahah!

*wipes tears*

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LOLCats and cat videos are so terrific. If you are ever feeling low and need a good belly laugh, these never fail to perk you up. God bless the cats of the world! LOL!


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6 Responses to “Silly Kittens”

  1. akaGaGa Says:

    Oh, that video is too funny!! lol!!! Kittens are great!

    BTW, I just wanted to let you know that you have created a monster. My husband’s new favorite site (thanks to you!) is I think he’s been through over 100 pages! He sits at his computer, starts laughing, and says, “You’ve gotta see this.” I dutifully walk across the room, laugh, stand there while he goes through a few more pages, then go back to my computer … for about 5 minutes, when the whole process starts again!!!

    I’m doomed!!!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    I’ve created a monster?! You are now doomed?!

    Yeah, it’s been said that I have that affect on people. Hee. HAVE FUNNN!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

  3. Joseph|GuyInLove Says:

    Oh my goodness! The kitty didn’t make it! lol! These types of videos should be shown often to keep us smiling and laughing. šŸ™‚ Thanks for posting such a funny video.

  4. anajz Says:

    so cute!

    Hey-I contacted Tawra about the book and she is sending another. If you happen to get both…then keep both of them she said. Sorry it has taken so long.

  5. Laurel Santiago Says:

    That was so cute! My kids made me play it for them three times.

    Have a Great Day!
    Laurel Santiago

  6. kiss my style Says:

    aw! i had such hope he would make it!