Slaves to Be Slaves

March 20, 2008

Blabber, Culture

Have you heard the expression “slaves to be free”? I think it’s been around since the Civil War era. Today, however, I think Americans are slaves to be slaves.

I’d heard a story a few years ago, a true story. It is a poignant picture of the state of the American culture and mind in the world. In this story, Russian and American men were working together on some state-sponsored activities in Russia (if I recall correctly, the storyteller said the two countries were working together during the early 50s, before the Space Race got heated). The men had completed their duties for the morning and had some leisure time before the next assignment. One young man recollects noticing a difference between the Russian men’s leisure activities and the American men’s activities. Overwhelmingly, the Americans were preoccupied with games, sports, and girlie magazines. The Russians were poring over books on complex mathematics and science discoveries. The young man was amazed at the difference and was not surprised when the Russians were the first in space before the Americans. Despite Russia’s crippling communist policies, the Russians are exceptional mathematicians. Look at the progress they have made with computer software, as they are the primary creators of hacker software (and I’m not talking about the “kiddie” pranks that most American teenagers do).

Looking through endless blogs thanks to Entrecards, I have had that story come back to me this week. I’ve been noticing the nationalities of the bloggers, and am starting to discern a pattern, too. What do you think? I’ve have seen that most American bloggers are discussing pornography, celebrities, and sports (or have dedicated large amounts of their content to thinking about it or posting pictures of it) while many Scandinavian bloggers discuss their environment (Scandinavians have the best photo blogs that I have seen). Filipinos discuss family– almost always marriage– or celebrities, and Canadians discuss world events like global warming, etc.

I think this casts a negative and detrimental light on America. Also, it explains why America is such a fat and lazy country. Let’s be honest, now. I love America with all my heart, but America has become so fat and lazy that all she thinks about is sex, sports, and marketing skills. Where are our great literature blogs, history blogs, science blogs? If there is any self-improvement content out there, it’s “fitness” blogging, but even those are geared so that we can look sexier– which really just goes back to the sex obsession.

And look at our politicians. They can’t even keep it zipped, even though it means their disgrace and ruining their families.

It makes me wonder, also, another thing. Why is our culture this way? Why are we in this country pumped with pornography, violence, sports, drugs, and debt until we puke? Here are some things to consider:

  • Ms. Magazine was funded by the CIA
  • The CIA traffics drugs in Los Angeles and elsewhere in our biggest (and most trouble-stricken) cities
  • Schools teach more graphic sex education than a brothel
  • Sports are a nationally-funded, and playing sports is mandated in schools
  • Anyone ever read Elders of the Protocols of Zion? Why is our culture this way, and what made it this way? I think if we continue on this path, we will no longer be free, but slaves– slaves bound to our own slavery. And what happens to those kinds of slaves?


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