Snooty ‘Tudes

December 4, 2008


What IS it with people and their snooty holier-than-thou attitudes about blogging for pay? It’s starting to get a little annoying.

I was surfing the Kim Komando website, and saw her article about earning money online.

Some advertisers offer pay-per-post opportunities. You may receive, say, $10 to review a product on your blog….

ReviewMe, PayPerPost and are three sites that offer these opportunities. Some have disclosure requirements. But I’m still not fond of these programs. Your readers may desert you if they think you are shilling for products.

Um…. Kim, I love ya and all, and I’ve been a fan of your show for about a decade, but… isn’t that what YOU do, shill for products?! Your emails are plastered with ads, and your radio show is filled with them! Hello?!



There is nothing wrong with blogging for pay. I earn a considerable income from it, an income we would otherwise not have. I cannot work outside the home due to disability, so blogging for pay is my entire livelihood. I am able to buy groceries for a family of 6 with my earnings (despite Google slashing my PageRank and severely limiting my opportunities). I work very, very hard. I try to write well and write interesting articles, and to keep my blog clean and neat and well-designed. What is wrong with blogging for money?

And why are companies like PayPerPost or PayU2Blog mocked and scorned, but for some reason, Google’s AdSense is OK and is somehow more respectable and “holier” than PPP or PU2B? I absolutely refuse to have AdSense on my blogs. For one, I think Google is too big for its britches and are control freaks. Two, have you seen some of the ads they have– some of those links are extremely offensive! And three, who makes any money off those ads?! I hear stories of people *finally* getting their measly $20 after five years. Give me a break. But somehow, AdSense is more noble, more pure….

Personally, I prefer to read blogs with sponsored posts than blogs that are crammed with AdSense and other ugly stuff. I have found some really great deals and learned some great things by reading Sponsored Posts.

I wish people would get off their high horses and quit the snooty attitudes, especially when they themselves are “shilling” for money. Give me a break.


22 Responses to “Snooty ‘Tudes”

  1. tahtimbo Says:

    Because I need to make money, I have been thinking of doing this, but do not know which company to use. Can you give me some advice on what to do. For someone just starting, what is the average amount you can earn per post. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Karen Says:

    I am so glad I never heard of this woman. She is just dense.

  3. frogmama Says:

    Hah! You tell her!

  4. The Hawg! Says:

    I didn’t realize Kim Komando had that particular attitude about paid posts. You’ve underscored the irony nicely here and I’ve always viewed her show as an infomercial.

    Go get ’em…

  5. Mountain Woman Says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you have a disability.
    I totally agree with you about getting paid to blog. It’s the way many mothers feed their children and are able to stay at home with them as well. It is a lifeline for income in these troubled times. If you visit a blog you love and there is a paid post that interests you, just don’t read that post but keep in mind that we all have bills to be paid.
    Your blogs are beautifully laid out, lots of great content and never strike anyone as a “paid” blog. I don’t understand why your page rank would be limited.
    Thanks for reminding people of the importance of paid posts.

  6. Lisa Says:

    You tell em’ sista, lol!!!! I totally agree with you!!! Have a great weekend!!

  7. Bas - Istanbul Expat Says:

    It’s all about ads not finding their way into the content of the blog.

    The programs mentioned infiltrate the content… and quite frankly, I don’t read blogs with paid posts, except if I come by one to drop on them. This is also why I’m quiting Entrecard.

    I read many blogs of bloggers who make a living (or who are rich even) because of blogging… They don’t use paid posts. I think paid posts is really bad for blogging to be honest.

    Good content should be the focus for a blog. I have one blog for my DJ mixes called The MiX-Files. I make some money through that blog because I occassionally link the tracks used in a mix to the place where they can be bought… This is a service and a legit way to make money from my content.

    My content does not depend on this. If you don’t fully understand my position, and the position of many bloggers alike, send me an email and I’ll explain it in full πŸ™‚

  8. Leanne Boyd Says:

    LOL! I am sooo glad to have found you! (I’m a newbie on Entrecard) … Love your site and topics. As for writing for pay? Well, the blogging world isn’t maybe top 10 Booklist, but it’s more real, and that’s why this whole thing has taken off so massively! And who knows how many bloggers will get that ‘spark’ that takes them on to other levels in the publishing world? I have a real passion for the REAL American history, for instance. And it is NOT found in the books they gag you with in all the years of your education. The REAL history lies in the trek of the people. The real history is your grandmother and everyone in your family and other people’s families. Sit them down and talk, and write! They go away all too soon. So, don’t EVER let these naysayers change your determination and dedication to your works online!! Check out:

  9. Roxiticus Desperate Housewives Says:

    I’m with you on this one… I guess there are lots of high horses to ride around the blogosphere, but once you “sell out” (and I do both Adsense and IZEA’s paid services), I don’t see the difference between masters. There’s an old joke…..skanky old man says to a pretty girl, “I’d like to give you a million dollars to make love with me.” She takes the bait, and he says, “how ’bout twenty bucks instead?” She says “what do you think I am??!!” and the old guy tells her, “My dear, we have already determined what you are, now we are just negotiating the price.”

    Happy weekend to you.

  10. Rebecca Says:

    Interesting comments.

    Nope, Bas, I do not think you understand my point. I used to work in radio advertising, and I know exactly what I am speaking about.

    When a radio personality says, “And now a word from our sponsor” (or perhaps she doesn’t but just starts her advertising segment, which is very common in radio and used to be common in TV) it is the SAME THING as a Sponsored Post. Just because the content is sponsored does not somehow make it magically leperous. Sponsored Post content is a service, too, like i said– it generates buzz, interest, and knowledge that a reader otherwise might not have.

    The only reason paid blogging is bad for blogging is because those who do not blog for pay make it so.

    Paid blogging is very easy, so there are a lot of terrible paid posts (and blogs) out there. But just because they are bad does not mean that the concept of paid blogging is bad.

    There is no difference between writing a sponsored post and linking to a series of links so you can get a commission. Both are selling something through their blogs, and both are doing some kind of blogging for pay. And if you write a post about your affiliate links, there’s a sponsored post that has “infiltrated content” right there.

    You did say you knew people who have gotten rich by blogging. The richest blogger I know is John Chow, and guess what– he does paid posts! Google killed his Page Rank, too (up and down) yet he has a base clientele so he still makes the money.

    “Good content should be the focus for a blog.” Who determines what is “good content”? See, it’s all an illusion, an opinion. I write good content, sponsored or not, although I have my “off” days, sure. So when you say “I don’t read blogs with paid posts, except if I come by one to drop on them” (that is, if you have something to GET from going to such blogs, correct?), and then you also say “Good content should be the focus for a blog” you are immediately making the assumption that no sponsored posts have good content. Au contraire, this is what I mean by a snooty attitude. To this kind of narrow thinking, all sponsored content is not good, therefore there is no good sponsored content. Somehow, all sponsored posts are immediately branded as “not good.” What if a person writes good content for sponsored content? And how do you know anything written is good is you refuse to read it? Is that still bad content, a bad blog? See where I am going with this. It’s all a preconception and circular reasoning.

    It’s like saying, the only kind of good articles are in encyclopedias, as these don’t have sponsored content. So magazines, newspapers, and short stories are immediately dismissed as poor reading material, because they have sponsored content. That’s ridiculous. This same snooty standard is upheld like some kind of kingly law in the blogosphere, but not in reality anywhere else…

  11. Ambrosia Says:

    I’ve heard her name before, but never knew anything of the show, etc. I definitely will NOT be catching it anytime.

    I’ve recently stumbled upon online earning and I think it’s a great way to make money, as long as a company’s legit (which I’ve found quite a few to be). I included adsense on my blog, but found it to be generic and most of the links that show up on my page are for scam sites. I’ve caught a couple that were useful, but I’m still considering removing it.

    Good luck with your posting!

  12. Lynne Says:

    You have taken the words right out of my mouth, except that you said them much more eloquently than I ever could have. A toast to you!

    By the way, I sell my own product as well as sponsored posts on my blog so I guess some would consider it to be horrible!

    As for Entrecard, I believe that the majority of serious EC users utilize the service and spend the time dropping cards in order to increase traffic in order to get better paid opportunities. Personally, I would NEVER invest so much time in EC if it didn’t lead to me earning more money through my paid posts, my time is more valuable than that. If Bas is a drop & run EC blogger, than leaving EC is a good choice for him. Sounds like he doesn’t read the blogs he’s dropping on anyway.

  13. ImitationAngel Says:

    You go girl! I for one am tired of hearing all the people bash others because they have paid posts on their blogs. You get a standing ovation from me. I have not heard of this woman before but I know I will be avoiding her now because of it.

  14. Rebecca Says:

    I like Kim Komando, I like her a lot. I’ve been a fan of her radio show for years, and I get her daily emails. I recommend her, especially if you are new to computers and other electronic stuff, because she is very knowledgeable and her show is funny and informational. But she is only one of so many who judges paid posting like it’s leprous or something. Ridiculous.

  15. Bonnie Says:

    I couldn’t agree more Rebecca. Great post and very well said. I also have stayed away from Adsense for many reasons. The main reason is it could take a very long time to actually make anything with it. I make more money in a month with selling ad space and it’s usually a very small link that took less than a minute to put up. The paid posts are usually pretty easy to spot so if they really bug you as a reader, then scroll past them. I actually enjoy reading them.

  16. Adam Says:

    Excellent, Excellent post!

    I couldn’t agree more with what you have written.

    Keep up the great work!


  17. Madz Says:

    Hi Rebecca, I salute you for having been able to bluntly expressed the reality in blogging world! I like you for being that… I do agree with you 100%… we are not in the position to say that paid blogs are not good, while you can actually learn fresh topics every now & then! I must admit, most of the sponsored posts in my blog are new to me, so I am earning 2 things here, EDUCATION & MONEY… so what’s wrong with that hey Bas!!!

    I have both Adsense & Sponsored posts on this blog of mine, and I do get occasional featured offers from advertisers because of this rank I got which is 3, only after 4 months of blogging, there I started writing sponsored posts! But donnu until when Google is going to keep it… but it doesn’t really matter, I earned more money from advertisers than Google anyway, so why worry…

    Entrecard helps a lot of obtaining traffic unto your blog, so nothing wrong with that, who doesn’t need traffic???

    Keep it up girl, I like you though….

  18. ModernMommy Says:

    I am going to be very honest here and I hope it is not offensive to you. For me personally when I click on a site (usually through Entrecard) and I see that they are reviewing something because they get paid for it I do not read any further. This is just my personal experience I have no problem with people doing PPP I just personally don’t care for the sites where that is all they write about.
    I have google and amazon ads on my site but I only link to amazon if it is something I was going to write about anyway. However, I haven’t made any money off my blog yet so I can’t say that I will never try PPP myself. πŸ™‚

    • Rebecca Says:

      Hi ModernMommy. Oh, no worries, I’m not offended. πŸ˜€ Thanks for your comment.

      But if you’ll allow me to be contrary: I think that if you are purposely avoiding reviews because they are paid reviews, that’s a pretty gullible frame of thinking. Please allow me to explain: for one, are you able to determine what review is being paid for and what is not? And did you realize that MOST reviews, everywhere, ARE paid reviews, including those from the TV, the radio, the newspapers, the magazines, etc?

      The point of my article here is to point out the discrepancy, that snobby attitude that somehow paid reviews are acceptable in those other media venues, but not for blogging. I think it’s hypocritical to believe this, especially when a person runs a GOOD blog. It’s like, the whole blog is slammed because there are paid posts on it.

  19. ModernMommy Says:

    For the sake of good discussion I wanted to respond to your question. I hate commercials. Now that we have a DVR we always fast forward through the commercials. If there is a product that I am geniuenly interested in then I might stop and watch it. The same goes for blog reviews. If the product catches my eye as something I might be interested in then I might actually continue reading. But this only happens maybe 1% of the time. Most of the time I just glance at the site, can tell it that all the posts are paid reviews and move on.
    Again, just my personal experience. And like I said 1% of the time it might actually get my attention.

  20. Terri healthy mom Says:

    What’s wrong with earning money, it takes time to blog and make the content interesting to readers so why not get paid for your time?


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