Social Sharing and Giving with Gimmepleez

October 5, 2009


It’s gratifying to give to those in need. And it’s gratifying to get, too. :grinny: Here’s a really, really cool website where you can do both!! It’s called Gimmepleez. I think it’s the PERFECT name for a site where you can beg ask (hee) for donations for a worthy cause, such as college or a wedding. Some folks even have charitable collections that they have posted. Some of you pet bloggers may love this site- your benefactors can see how much your goals are growing every day, and see how their donations help up the ante! Gimmepleez allows you to link your savings account to your Gimmepleez profile. You can donate to a group you like at Gimmepleez, or to someone you know. You can create your own profile to get donations, too. There’s a credit card form to allow the exchange.

In all, Gimmepleez is a social networking site with that twist that encourages people to save. For example, think about college. Most parents start the college fund early in their child’s life, adding what they can when they can. But other family members and friends, who might like to pitch in, don’t know how or are unable to see the progress. With Gimmepleez, it’s all right there. It’s a neat idea, I think! Clark Howard would love it, I’m sure, because it encourages saving and planning and charitable giving. It’s also social– you can link up with other folks, share photo albums, and more.

Gimmepleez isn’t limited to helping people save and see college funding; it can be used in any way you want- as a gift-giving fund, for charitable stuff like saving rescued animals, for saving toward a vacation, car, or to get our of debt. It’s great for friends and family who don’t know what to get for that “impossible” person– a donation into their personal Gimmepleez account is great! I know that I sure wouldn’t mind. šŸ˜‰

Check out the website for more details. It’s a great website, well organized and easy to register. Did I mention that it’s free to register, too? It’s a good way to get disciplined with your savings, and you may just get some contributors, too.



One Response to “Social Sharing and Giving with Gimmepleez”

  1. Reece Says:

    What a great idea! It’s like a living breathing savings account. It isn’t just some number on a piece of paper. It has pictures, and messages, and everyone can see what you are saving for. Brilliant.