Hurry! Software Deals and Clearances

November 22, 2010


Frugal fans, this is the perfect time to get new software. As with the car dealerships, software vendors are eager to get rid of this year’s models in anticipation of next year’s stuff. I never buy new, “next year” software, (just like I never buy new, “next year” cars), because usually the upgrade to the new has negligible worth. I don’t think its worth paying $50 to $100 more for 2.3 when 2.2 is just fine.

So anyway, here’s really good news– Dragon Naturally Speaking 10.0 is on sale right now, for $37.00 (includes the shipping). I don’t think you are going to find such a low price for in-the-box software anywhere. It’s at right now. The Dragon Naturally Speaking appeals to me because I’ve been wanting to try it out for a long time, and now that my dear friend Chuck at Secondary Roads is using it to alleviate his carpal tunnel (something that afflicts me sometimes, too), I’m ready to try it. I actually did advertisements for Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking, a few years ago. It looked really interesting back then, but it was very expensive at $100. $37 is a great price! It also makes a GREAT gift for a grandma or grandpa, folks who can’t type but don’t want to be shut off from email and writing on the word processor.

So if you are interested, check out the software at They are having a great holiday sale on all kinds of software: Kapersky Internet Security 2011 is on sale for under $50, Windows 7 Family Pack Premium Upgrade is $125, Windows 7 Full Version is $200 (still very pricey, IMHO), and the video games are everywhere, on sale. Usually when prices are so low, things sell out quickly, so don’t wait if you need something.

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2 Responses to “Hurry! Software Deals and Clearances”

  1. Mike Says:

    Cool! I have also wanted to try out Dragon Naturally Speaking, because I got a Windows Vista program that’s supposed to write what you say, but it can’t even tell what I am saying when I carefully pronounce every word. Maybe I’ll break down and buy it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Maddy Says:

    I’m officially ‘In Love’ with the Dragon!

    I first purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking several years ago and wasn’t all that impressed. However, as the years have passed, the program has really improved.

    I now create most of my correspondence and website content using Dragon.

    Can’t recommend it enough!