Some Garden How-To Posts For You

April 12, 2010

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I’ve been slowly chipping away at your How To suggestions! Here are a few more I’ve added over the weekend. Since I have been busy working on the garden, they are all garden related right now. More to come!


My garden, a few years ago.

Renee and Carole asked for help with vegetable gardening, specifically how to start a garden, how to make a garden thrive, how to improve the soil. Ladies, check out these posts.

How to Remove Sod
Sod is turf grass, and it’s in the way! If you want to guarantee a weed-free section of land for your garden plot, I recommend removing the sod. Some folks simply roto-till a section of their lawn and pull out the clumps of sod, but I found that I a lot of weed seeds get buried by the rotating blades, and I can never pull out all the clumps. I have done both tilling and sod-removal, and I recommend sod removal as the best way to start a garden. It’s neater-looking, too. (And cheaper than renting a tiller!)

How to Start a Compost, Part 1
This is the solution for making a garden thrive and improving the soil. It’s a more “long-term” solution (your new compost pile will not be ready for use until a year later), so if you are in a real hurry to amend the soil, you can add manure and peat moss. I have thick, pasty clay soil, too, Renee. Roto-till a few bags of peat moss, compost, and/or manure every year for the first three years, and that should solve the problem.

Regarding Carole’s question about how to find seeds that aren’t genetically modified: I order from High Mowing Seeds, in Vermont. The prices are expensive, but I think it’s worth it. Sorry my advice is so late, Carole; you’ve probably already ordered your seeds by now. :-p I *finally* ordered mine yesterday! But I’ve heard good things about High Mowing Seeds. I’ll give a full review on how the seeds performed, come late July.

I’m working on more!


3 Responses to “Some Garden How-To Posts For You”

  1. Jen Says:

    That is a beautiful garden. I have found that removing the sod is a much better way than tilling. When I tilled the grass I always ended up with weeds and clumps of grass left over. When I removed the sod for my garden I just used a shovel to get under the roots and pulled up. I worked about a square foot at a time, and then I put the sod on the bare spots of my lawn. Two birds, one stone.

  2. Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents Says:

    I absolutely luv visiting your blog and seeing pictures in all kinds of weather! Now I’ve joined TB, and can visit from there and SITS.

    I’m betting your garden will be beautiful. My family used to have one when I was a kid, and I have many memories of picking veggies. Unfortunately, my DH has no interest, at all.

    I’ve spoken of going Upstate several times to you, as my brother lives in Rochester, NY, but… he’s moving to Maryland! I’ll miss the Finger Lakes! (DH doesn’t like to travel, either!)

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Hi Jen! Ahhh a fellow sod-buster!! Come on, let’s sing it! “Who ya gonna call? SOD BUSTERS!”

    Yeah.. only had one cup so far. That obvious, huh?

    Cindi– thanks for visiting!!! My DH hasn’t a lot of interest in gardening, either… but me thinks he hates the Living Room couch even more, muahahahhaa.

    And another NY’er expat. Yep, it’s a familiar story. NYS government may just as well mail us all “Get out now while you can” flyers. They’re doing a great job jacking taxes and doing important stuff like outlawing salt…