Some How Tos For Yous

April 6, 2010


Well, these are slooooooowly coming forth, my friends. But they are coming. :mrgreen:

Here are a few How To articles I have completed. Yay! And if you don’t see yours just yet, well, hang in there; they are coming! Please feel free to add more suggestions in the comment box, if you think of any.

Jay asked How to Use StumbleUpon
Cindy asked How to Make a Signature in Windows Mail
Carole asked How to Make Your Own eBook
Chuck asked about How to Embed a YouTube Video in Blogger
Paddy asked about How to Customize AdBlock for Firefox
And this may be helpful to some of your Blogger folks out there: How to Backup a Blogger Blog

Coming up soon I will have articles on:

  • How to Clean a Laptop Keyboard (so hang in there, Penny!)
  • How to Create a Zip File
  • How to Increase Blog Readership
  • How to Create and Add a Favicon to Your Blog
  • How to Find Royalty-Free Stock Photos
  • How to Backup Your Vista Computer

I just found out today that eHow is now getting all How To articles from their associate company, Demand Studios. This means that eHow will now have a very closed community writing for them… which means that I cannot write how tos on eHow as I wanted to do (freelance). I will therefore be including the how tos across my various blogs, addressing them in whatever niche they fit. For example, all the articles I just posted as completed are all technology-related how-tos, so I posted them to my blog, The Older Geek. I will cover the gardening/home improvement/household how tos on my home blog, New York Renovator. And I’ll probably be adding some how to posts here, too.

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3 Responses to “Some How Tos For Yous”

  1. carla brown Says:

    well described specaillly the how to have your own ebook publised…

  2. Pat Says:

    I am having a hard time with Feedburner. Don’t know if I really need it, but would like to know how in case I ever do. For one thing, every time I changed templates (in my experimenting) I’d end up with extra sites – none of which seem to be working right as they all had an incorrect number of subscribers.

    What is the difference between page views and visits?? None of it is very clear to me. I would like some info on this.


    • Rebecca Says:

      Hi Pat! I’ll see what I can do to help you figure out Feedburner. After Google took it over, some things changed. I also have multiple feeds… I’ll look into it a post a how-to in the near future.