Somebody Buy This Guy Some Matchbox Cars

April 20, 2009


ROFL! If I did this to my kitten, she’d be able to power up the stereo, she’d soak up so much electricity.

Yeah, it’s another post about cats. I cain’t hep it– my baby is so affectionate lately, so I’ve got cat-love-itis or something. Plus, I’ve given myself a day off– I can’t work from my desktop work computer and am consigned to my laptop right now. My electricity from the power company keeps fluctutaing, causing my desktop to constantly shut off in the middle of things. It’s not good for the computer, so I’m keeping it unplugged until (*if*) the power copmany fixes their problem. I feel like I’m missing my right arm, not being able to work from my desktop…

Thanks to Cats Who Twitter for the cute video.

2 Responses to “Somebody Buy This Guy Some Matchbox Cars”

  1. Sher Says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    I enjoy all your posts…including the cat ones!!! I love cats (even though I’m very allergic to them)!!! There’s just something about cats!!!

    This video really had me laughing…so cute…the cat really looked like he didn’t want it to stop!!! :0)

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

  2. Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" Says:

    LOL, so funny! That cat didn’t mind that at all–it actually seemed to lie it! My cats would never let me do that with them!! Those back feet would be bunny kicking me for sure until they could run away. Never apologize for posting a cat post–I like them!