Something Fishy Going On

July 31, 2008


I was just talking to my husband about us going ultra-natural with our diet the other day, sayin we should eat more fish and perhaps take fish oil supplements for all our joint pains, when I see THIS going on: a Seafood Cook Off! Oh I just love seafood. I grew up by a lake where freshwater fish was abundant. My favorite is salmon– I’m totally nuts about salmon dishes. I prefer salmon grilled with a twist of lemon and sprinkle of dill, but I’ll even eat it right out of the can. I love replacing the tuna in tuna casserole with canned salmon. I also add chunks of mild cheddar cheese and a good teaspoon of Creole seasoning, for kick. Wow, it’s soo good.

The Great American Seafood Cook-Off for 2008 is held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Someday I am going to go there and get very, very sick by gorging on all the delicious seafood dishes there…. the website has a link for recipes and chefs– it looks like it’s still being built, and I’m eager to browse the recipes. The Cook Off emphasizes what is called the “positiveness of domestic seafood sustainability,” which means eating the local fish, fresh and restocked. Here where I live, it is not advised to eat any fish from the creeks, as they are filled with dangerous and toxic PCBs. Local factories dumped their toxic waste into our creeks and pretty much destroyed the local fishing. So I am happy to see folks encourage not only the eating of fish, but the wise maintaining of the fish supply.

Anyway, I really need more fish recipes. If anyone has a good one, feel free to comment. Or you can even write a post about it on your blog and I’ll link back to you. And keep your eye on that website, for delicious recipes forthcoming! <

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