Sowing My Raw Oats

February 2, 2013

Dear Diary

I’m leading a rather bland life right now, I have no heart-warming or funny stories to tell. All I have are snippets from my mundane life, lol, take it or leave it. :S

I’m thrilled this morning because I finally found something I can eat for breakfast. Since I’m on a raw food diet for a while to give my gallbladder a rest, it’s been a little difficult to find suitable foods to eat besides the usual salad and fresh fruit. Fruit digests very quickly, so no matter how many pears or bananas I eat, I find myself daydreaming about food an hour later. Actually, this alone is a mini-miracle. I was so sick for two weeks that the thought of food brought back nightmares of the excruciating pain. I existed on weak green tea or a green smoothie for breakfast and slowly worked myself into a half a pear or a banana. But when I had to travel and be away from home all day for my job training sessions, I became hungry.


Anyway, I experimented with soaking raw quinoa in almond milk. YUK! :ik: Maybe the milk was a little too old or quinoa is too pungent, but the stuff was awful. So in desperation I gave the almond milk another chance and threw some raw oats into the bowl. It was delicious! I added some strawberries and blueberries, and I was in foodie heaven.

Raw breakfast

I never thought I’d be so excited about food. Sheesh.

I also tried a few experiments with coffee, but nothing worked. Almond milk was too…. almondy. It has a sharp taste to it that doesn’t mix well with coffee. I also tried honey and agave nectar, which made it worse. I don’t like stevia, either. So I have resorted to drinking it black. It’s not too bad, and I’ll get used to it. I drink my tea black, and the heavy, musky taste is similar to that.

So now I have to micromanage my diet. Thank God for mobile phone apps! I can keep detailed track of every glass of water I drink, every scrap of food I eat, and my weight. I can’t lose weight too quickly, because that causes gallstones, too. Not that this is a big problem for me. :grumble: I also read that hypothyroidism can cause gallstones. I’ll be seeing a gastroenterologist sometime, I hope. I’d like to get a scan and see where these stones are, how big they are, and etc. I’d like to make an informed decision. Can you believe that after all the hype amongst the doctors — they were going bananas telling me I needed emergency surgery to have the galbladder out NOW — no one has contacted me or anything, not even for a follow up? I thought this was serious, why isn’t anyone wanting to see me? I haven’t seen one physician yet. Huh.

If you’re hankering to know how I made my own almond milk, I’ll share my little secret. Instead of purchasing raw whole almonds and killing my blender, I buy them already ground up ( It’s a coarse almond flour. It’s much faster then processing my own nuts. And I prefer to make it myself because there are no chemicals like in the store-bought stuff.

Raw Almond Milk
1 c raw almond flour
4 c water
ΒΌ c agave syrup
Pinch of sea salt
Up to a tsp of vanilla extract (start with less to your taste) (we didn’t have any so skipped this)

1. Combine the almond flour and the water and mix until the water is white.

2. Pour the whole thing into a cheese cloth or a nut bag and drain over a big bowl. You can help it along by squeezing the cloth.

3. Add the rest of the ingredients to your almond milk and enjoy like regular milk.

My daughter makes it for me. πŸ™‚ She’s been helping me out with a lot of stuff (she makes all the smoothies) and has been my nursemaid. Thank God for her.

Well now that I’ve got breakfast covered, I’ve got to come up with a few lunch/dinner solutions. I don’t miss red meat AT ALL, although once I craved a burger when I was feeling very hungry.

So that’s the latest excitement in my house, I figured out how to have solid food for breakfast. Yay me. I’ve lost about 12 pounds in 3 weeks. That’s not a whole lot, really. Even on 900 calories a day, my weight seems to have leveled off and I’m not losing anything anymore. πŸ™ Thus ends the only benefit to all this suffering, alack.


3 Responses to “Sowing My Raw Oats”

  1. Rena Says:

    Can you have soy milk? coconut milk?

  2. Lin Says:

    Once you get used to eating like this, you will feel awful with meats. We don’t eat much red meat anymore–just because you can feel it sink in your gut like a rock! I had someone say that to me before: Once you start eating well, you will feel it when you don’t. Most people don’t realize how bad they feel.

    Hope you are feeling better though.

  3. Secondary Roads Says:

    We’ve used rice milk for the last few years. We tried soy and almond milk, but we didn’t like either one of those. :ik:

    I’m going to have to try raw oats. The rolled oats, not the steel-cut oats. I don’t think the latter would work at all. :coolshades: