Sports Chatter

June 26, 2008


School’s out and we’ve nothing to do, all of a sudden. Someone please tell me why kids moan and groan about homework all year and then when summer comes, they are “bored”? So we’re trying to think of cool things to do without spending all our life savings on gasoline. I just found out today that we may be able to get some complimentary tickets to the Baseball Hall of Fame in nearby Cooperstown, NY. šŸ˜€ That would be so much fun! We’ve never been there. I’m not a huge baseball fan but if it’s free– hey, why not!

I’ve always preferred what I call the “finer” sports– gymnastics, ice skating, and tennis. There is an elegance to these sports, something not found with, for example, football, where men are pounding into each other while they chase a ball. :S


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