Spring Shopping

March 24, 2011


It must be old age. I’ve NEVER been much of a clothes hound, never liked clothes shopping, and I never felt justified inspired to shop for new clothes as soon as the new season dropped.

But gee, I bought myself some new sneakers last week, and it felt great! (Just so you know, I haven’t lost my frugal edge– I NEEDED new sneakers because I destroyed FOUR pairs of them last year when we renovated the house!).

And then I saw some very pretty fashions– marc by marc jacobs. You have GOT to check out the marc jacobs handbags, aren’t they dreamy?! Very feminine but also very tough and durable.

How about you? Are you inspired by the change of season to cast off all abandon and replenish your entire wardrobe?! Do you usually buy new things when spring comes?

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