Stem Cell Research

December 4, 2008


I have been and always will be 110% against using aborted babies for stem cells. It is sickening, immoral, and smacks of Hitler and Nazi Germany. I grew up hearing the stories of human skin lamps and the other sick things people did to each other during that time. šŸ™ And human life is precious, no matter what age or stage of development a person is in.

But I think I am OK with stem cell research if a person wants to donate. Like giving blood to an accident victim, or donating bone marrow to a leukemia victim, I think stem cell donation can do a lot of good. Of course, God is the one who does the healing and He made the body to get well; but even God “borrowed” a part from Adam to build Eve. šŸ˜€

There’s recent news making headlines that the biggest cord blood bank, Cryo-Cell, has teamed up with the National Institute of Health to research treating diseases with stem cells. Of particular interest is the study to see if stem cells can treat breast cancer. They intend– for the first time– to use a non-invasive imaging method to track the progress, that of the MRI! I think that is amazing! I’ve had my share of MRIs and I find it an amazing tool.

What do you think? Do you think this constitutes a new and improved means of science health? I participated in a scientific study when I was induced for labor for two of my children. I hope that my own results help mothers and babies in the future. We can use science to advance health and healthy living. I think it’s time for that. Mankind is predisposed to use technology for his selfish and evil purposes; time to start helping people instead!

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