Strollering Right Along

March 16, 2010


Just for kicks, I wanted to see how much strollers were. (DON’T get any ideas, I’m looking JUST for KICKS). A friend of mine recently asked if I still had my old jogging stroller that I used with my last child– it was a nice stroller. You know, I cannot remember what on earth I did with the thing! It’s too bad, because now my friend has to buy one. I took a look at the prices of strollers, and…. WHOA, mommahs! Those things are expensive! I saw some on sale for over $1,000. Holy cow!

I have a word of advice for you young moms out there, looking for strollers:

DO NOT *repeat* DO NOT spend $1000 on a stroller!! Your child will outgrow the thing within a year, maybe TWO years. And believe me, your kid cares NOTHING about how priecy the thing is. Spilled juice, barfed milk, nuclear explosive p**p– it matters not. To a kid, a stroller is just another mine field. Plus, once the kid learns to walk and is determined to get out of the stroller, there will be no stopping him. Even if your husband is made of money, don’t get a $1000 stroller! Give $900 of it away and get a regular stroller! has a ton of very nice strollers for affordable prices– although they also do have quite a number of those $1000 ones, too. Just IGNORE THOSE! Turn away! Look at this one, it’s cute, isn’t it? It’s an Esprit in apple green. Aww!

It’s on sale right now for under $130, with free shipping! Doesn’t that sound better than $1000?

Oh and look: has these nifty stroller covers! You can drape this over the kiddos and forget all about their whining! lol Not that I would ever do that! I’d use it to protect them from mosquitoes and sun and stuff, yep.


Anyway, see all the cashola you can save?!

Seriously, I’d kind of like to get a stroller someday. My kitty, Livvy, would just love it, like Daisy the Curly Cat loves it!

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2 Responses to “Strollering Right Along”

  1. Sparkle Says:

    Well, darn. When I saw Livvy’s photo and the word “strollers,” I thought maybe you were doing a story on CAT strollers! That’s probably about the only way my human would allow me outside in this “dangerous, car and coyote filled neighborhood” (her words – I have NO idea what’s out there). But if kid strollers are that expensive, I can only imagine what cat strollers must cost! Because, of course, people with cats who want strollers must have loads of disposable income and little sense (or so the marketers probably think). But whatever. I’d really rather my human spend any extra money on a second cat tree. I think I would enjoy that more.

    P.S. One advantage cat strollers have over the kid kind: we don’t outgrow them!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Hey Sparkle. The Husband finds cat strollers insane. lol. I wouldn’t mind, I guess– it sure beats having Livvy on a leash, prancing through all the dog cr*p that those stupid neighbor dogs deposit around here. But Hubs thinks cat strollers are for Crazy Cat Ladies. (I am one, but he doesn’t know it yet).

    But I agree– if I had to choose, I’d MUCH rather Livvy get a cat tree (which we don’t have for her yet) than a stroller. Which reminds me, the Hubs needs to build a cat tree for me!