Stylish Blogger Award

April 25, 2011


A whole bunch of bloggers passed on a sweet award to me… some did MONTHS ago. :blink: I tell you, I am horribly tardy with these things. I have to be in a “mood” to do them, because they require listing random facts about me. I wish random facts came to me more easily… which no doubt explains my procrastination with such things. I am an encyclopedia of random facts, but not about myself. :-p Ah, but I do appreciate the bloggy love and therefore I want to show my appreciation with an enthusiastic attempt at randomness. lol

Without further adieu, thanks to Secondary Roads, Jay’s Musik Blog, The Coupon Queen, and
Tiny Temper for bestowing me this honor. I hope I haven’t missed anyone! I’m sorry its been so long…

Random Things About Rebecca…

  • I used to dislike birds. Not sure why. Maybe it was because I was so crazy about cats, or maybe because the only birds I knew of as a kid were crows, starlings, and pigeons. But I adore song birds. Right now, somewhere in my front yard, there’s a cardinal chirping his little gizzard out. It’s a nice sound.
  • When my cat, Livvy, doesn’t want me to be in front of the computer (like, ALL the time), she bats my mouse until it falls, or bats my keyboard until I look at her in exasperation. Other times, she sits in front of the screen. Like she’s doing right now… *sigh*


  • I write articles online on a wide variety of topics. Some of them are pretty far-fetched, like the best life insurance for seniors. I’m not very good with such technical articles, stuff like legal matters, health care and Medicare Supplement Insurance. I do better with technology and home and garden.
  • I strongly resent certain “tech news” websites mislabeling online content organizations as “content farms.” This is not true at all. Content farms either scrape content or glut websites with random search words to entice search engines (and therefore, traffic). Online content organizations have stringent research and writing regulations. I often have to cite my own articles with references from educational institutions or resources from the government. As usual, the media creates bias and gets it wrong. :-p
  • I like European (especially British) movies based on the any era before the 19th century, like The Tenth Man, Les Miserables, Jane Eyre and such.
  • I rarely shop at local retail stores with coupons. I know! Bad! But oftentimes, it’s too much effort to hunt for applicable coupons. And most coupons seems to be for name-brand, processed foods— foods that I rarely serve for the family. I do, however, use online coupons. šŸ™‚
  • I have a gold tooth. Well, half of it is gold. It’s very cool. šŸ™‚

Whew, I did it! OK, so now you know all about me! Haha! Feel free to play this little game yourself, and let me know if you have, so I can visit.


One Response to “Stylish Blogger Award”

  1. lin Says:

    I love Livvy. She is sooo funny…..and subtle. šŸ˜‰

    I’m not good at doing these awards either. I typically don’t post them because I hate all that linking and such. But you did a nice time with the facts–I liked reading those.