Super Deal on Photo Editing Program

October 20, 2010


If you’ve been hanging back, hesitant to purchase a premier photo editing software program because they are so expensive (eep, Adobe Photoshop is $100!)– I’ve got some good news for you! I found the Serif PhotoPlus X3 Digital Studio on sale at It’s regularly priced at $80– on sale now for $15!!! Includes free shipping. It’s compatible with Adobe Photoshop, too. The price cannot be beat.

I have PaintShopPro– I got it pretty cheap at an auction site, but I paid way more than what is selling this software for (and has the brand new stuff). The PhotoPlus X3 is nice– makes a perfect gift for a young person wanting to learn how to work with graphic images and design. Or, use it for editing photos for blogs or family scrapbooks. The price is phenomenal, and they usually don’t last very long at that price. I’m going to pick one up for the kids’ computer. People often ask me how to watermark their photos, how to reduce photo size for adding them to blogs, etc. PhotoPlus X3 does it all, and it’s so inexpensive. It’s a high-quality photo editing program, just a GREAT price! has some really good sales going on right now. It’s best to get their weekly email newsletter, which has an early preview of the sales. Things go very quickly at I wasn’t quick enough to get the wireless mouse on sale, either– it sold out in, what, a few hours! Definitely check out As we near the holidays, the sales will increase as the competition thickens. 😀 All the better for us Frugal Hacks!

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