Super Duper Industrial Strength Dog Shampoo Needed!

July 6, 2009


My dog. Daisy. WHAT a NAME. I didn’t name her, I’ll have you know! We got her from the pound and her name was already Daisy. She’s the sweetest little beagle, but her name is a faaaaar cry from what she smells like. It’s sure ain’t daisies! My vet told me beagles were kinda, uh, “smelly,” but WHOA. There has GOT to be a way to blast that stench away… right?! OH HEY- I know!! How about….



(Remember that old show?! Man, I loved that show!)

Yeah. As far as Daisy, we’ve been using (pleasedontgetmadeatme!) V05 shampoo to scrub her. I like the smell of V05, and if we worked hard enough, Daisy would smell like V05 for *almost* a whole day! 😀 But I’ve read that human shampoos are not suited for dogs, because they are full of chemicals and may exascerbate a stinky shedding problem. It has only recently dawned on me that I need to scrub Daisy with dog shampoo, not people shampoo.

So… I don’t need to give Daisy dyn-o-mite to get her clean! I need to give Daisy some Dinovite to get her clean!!

(You KNEW that was coming, didn’t you!)

Dinovite is serious stuff– serious cleaning stuff. It’s all natural, so it won’t dry out poor Daisy’s skin, and it will stop those great big ugly flakes from floating all over the place (ick, it was like it was snowing somedays…). And believe it or not, Dinovite is so powerful it helps to remove eu de SKUNK! Yes indeedy!

Dinovite has no perfumes, no chemicals, no nasty fillers. It’s a natural flea deterrent, and is perfect for sensitive skin. It looks and sounds like a fabulous shampoo, much better then explosives! Check out the Dinovite website for more info and see how to order. I hope to grab some and do a review sometime. Look, the stuff comes in Lavender scent!! For that “new dog smell,” mmmmmm.



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