Supersized Tornado

April 25, 2008


OK, I don’t spend all of my time thinking about tornadoes! I think is is– what– my third post on them?! I talk more about tornadoes than all the snow we get around here! But I do have a fascination with them. I would be a tornado chaser if I didn’t have children. šŸ˜‰

I found this stunning video of a huge, huge, supersized tornado. Two crazy guys chased this baby that landed in Manitoba. Those little sticks you see? Those are power lines.

The tornado swirls and swirls, and bobs up and down constantly. It finally spurns off three small ones at its base. It’s incredible to see. The video has no swearing, either, so it’s safe for kids.

I just cannot understand why people live in tornado-prone areas! Wow! It would be far too stressful to me!


One Response to “Supersized Tornado”

  1. Aice Nice Concepts Says:

    well i guess some don’t have a choice but to live in tornado areas and they have very good reason for it ^_^

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