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July 29, 2010


More Chuck Norris posters! Wooooo!! (This post is brought to you by your friends at CafePress.com. )

This one made me laugh.

“One’s tough, one’s smart,” huh? I wonder which one is which? :rofl:

I found a bunch of other t-shirts (especially weird t-shirts) and posters and motivational posters, too. The motivational posters are “OK.” I found a few that gave me chuckles, but I’ve seen better. I think a lot of the stuff here is “user created,” which means any old Joe with a scanner can upload images and text. Meh. I liked the retro posters better, like the old World War II recruitment photos and the old Nixon-era stuff. Some of them are SOOOO funny, like this one.

Ditto, mister.

Hardy har har. :hmph:

They also have lovely fine art prints. Vermeer is one of my favorite artists. I’m going to be decorating the walls of my newly-renovated house with stuff like this.

And it was only a matter of time before they started chugging out the gulf oil t-shirts:

You can also have your own custom t-shirts made. There are a LOT of retro t-shirts there. I think history books about our modern age are unnecessary– all a person of the future has to do is sift through our old clothing stores, and there on the t-shirts will he find a complete history of everything and anything that went on in our age. :S

Note: be warned– there are a lot of funny and pretty posters and t-shirts to be found, but this is not a site for kids. There are a lot of very inappropriate images on the posters. None of my links here lead to anything inappropriate, but in surveying the site, I found some very inappropriate images. I couldn’t see any way to filter out the images, either, so be warned.

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