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The Credit Card Swap

March 11, 2011

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Have you ever done it? The credit card swap? You transfer your existing, high-APR percentage rate balance to a new card with a lower APR? I haven’t done it very often because I haven’t had very large balances on my cards… but I’m still paying for that kitchen renovation, and the lovely introductory APR rate […]

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New Credit Card Laws Now in Effect

March 6, 2010

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I found this extremely handy summary of the new credit card laws that are now in effect as of February 22, 2010. NEW YORK (AP) – The new credit card law is finally here. Starting Monday, banks will need to abide by new regulations on terms and disclosures. The idea behind the landmark law was […]

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New Rules for Credit Card Companies

February 16, 2010


I saw this in my Clark Howard e-magazine today, and thought it was worth repeating. I’m very glad to see the banks and credit card companies FINALLY getting some accountability (I think the banks own the United States, lock stock and barrel!!). They have been allowed to railroad Americans for too long. These changes take […]

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Banks Love Me!

November 9, 2009


I discovered today that I have a very high credit score: 760! The lady  who told me this said she was very impressed. “The highest score is an 850, and I’ve never seen one in the 800s, even! Congratulations!” I, on the other hand, was not too pleased. Because what IS a credit score, anyway? […]

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RFID: Another Snake Oil Scheme

May 19, 2008


[bump] This is a popular post, and I believe an important one. I bumped it to the top for today. You can see more new posts, below. 🙂 I saw this video and it blew me away. My husband got one of these cards recently– an American Express credit card with an RFID chip. All […]

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