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Amazing Starling Mumuration on Video

November 10, 2011


You guys have got to see this video! It’s just…. stunning. No one knows why starlings (also called grackles) flock together like this. There’s even a special name for it: murmuration. The results is a breath-taking black ballet in the sky. Some girls were paddling along the River Shannon in Ireland and happened to catch […]

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How To Drive Your Cat Crazy – Bird Radio!

February 16, 2011


*hee hee* How do you drive your cat crazy who is driving you crazy? Play bird calls on the computer!! Bird Radio! :grinny: *rubs hands and cackles* My kitty, Livvy, has acquired THE most annoying habit– sitting in front of my computer monitor while I try to work. Grrrr!!! She may even lick the screen […]

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He’s Watching Us

June 25, 2010


Grrrrr. :nyah: I dislike crows. They seem to know that I despise them, so they gather in large groups and descend upon my house every morning (around 5am), to cackle and flap their wings and leave their ugly black feathers littered all over my yard. And then, they and blue jays gang up on my […]

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