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Still Recovering….

April 21, 2012


…. I thought I’d pop in and say HI to everyone, since I have been missing in action lately. I finally finished the income taxes!!! :iquit: Good gravy, I was barely clinging to the sanity can with it all this year. WOW. So my life is sloooowly starting to come back. Everything has kind of […]

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Meet Me on Monday March 19

March 19, 2012


Oh dear. March is almost over! šŸ™ I have enjoyed this month. It’s been so spring-like. And because we finally got a few new windows, I can open them and enjoy the birds singing outside. Just this morning i have heard cardinals, robins, and blue jays! This must be a record for Upstate New York. […]

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Funnies Around the Interwebz #15

March 16, 2012

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As I journey through the vast nothingness that is the Internet, I collect the funniest photos for you, so you don’t have to. Enjoy! Oh how true it is. I had an uncle who was a brilliant English teacher, and he loved his job. But sometime in the 1990s, education changed, he said. It was […]

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March 3, 2012


I have never really felt compelled to write a post a day here but I do start to get a little concerned with myself when I have only written one or two a week. Because I maintain so many other blogs and websites, I’m usually always writing something, just not here. Yet for the past […]

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Funnies Around the Interwebz #14

February 27, 2012

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Once again, I’ve scoured the Internet to find the best of the best in clean, humorous images! Join me for a little chuckle. I LOVE this. Gotta get one of these sometime, heh heh. NOT that I would EVER use it in such a way, of course not how can you possibly think that?! He […]

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Clipix: Organizing Your Crazy Online Life

February 17, 2012


I just discovered a gem of a little tool! It’s called clipix. I’ve been using it all day and I think it’s rapidly becoming the VIP of web browsing tools. In case you haven’t heard, Clipix is a little tool that you use to save all the cool stuff you find online. Let’s say you […]

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Friday Fill In Meme #49

February 10, 2012


It’s Friday! I’m happy today because the sun is shining. Because I read John chapters 14 through 17 and it thrilled my heart. Because I am starting to get better after having a terrible cold all week. And I’m happy because I started a new blog (a resource blog for New York State travel) and […]

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So I Get a Little Excited…

January 31, 2012


My lovely friend at Boca Frau, Susi, gave me the distinctive honors of two blogger awards. I haven’t done a blogger award ceremony in EONS. In 2008 and ’09 I got a huge, huge number of them and I got burned out. So I’ve kept away from them in general, but Susi is a new […]

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Note to My Pals: Please Feed Me!

January 20, 2012


When my computer was struck with a debilitating virus earlier this week, I managed to save most of my data. I had a lot of my stuff on an external hard drive, thank God! But I did lose some data and one of them was my RSS feed reader list of all your blogs that […]

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My New Blog

January 15, 2012


It’s only just a baby, but it’ll be all grown up before long. I created a new blog where I can be myself. No pressure to be glitzy, or fun, or entertaining, or pretty. No advertisers breathing down my neck with their demands for fast-paced, image-based content. This blog is radically different from the others, […]

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