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It’s Saturday!!

January 28, 2012


:frolic: Woo hoooo!!! I have the day off! The first in a long time! OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH what will I DO today? Should I vacuum… yeah, I should. Should I do laundry?? … definitely. Catch up on the exploding dust bunny population? Clean my tornado-stricken desk or bookshelf? Maybe even install the flatbed scanner and the software […]

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A Review of Greased Lightning Cleaner

January 25, 2012


I just LOVE my new cast iron sink! But the thing stains SO easily and it’s such a pain to clean. So when the dudes from Greased Lightning took pity on me and offered to send me a free bottle of their cleanser, I jumped at the chance. See how pitiful my sink is. Be […]

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Morning Musings…

February 8, 2011


It’s still early morning as I write this, so I have some quiet time to think before the day’s mayhem begins, Oh wait, the kids are up. Too late. Ugh, and they have informed me that we need milk, so I must walk down the street to get some. *sigh* Well anyway, I guess I […]

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Mr. Clean, Magic, and Me

April 2, 2010


I don’t believe in magic. I believe in God, I believe in miracles, but I’m also a practical Yankee girl, and when it comes to cleaning— it’s all a matter of elbow grease, isn’t it? Or, in my home, a miracle or two… I’m talking about my bathtub. I think the previous owners installed the […]

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