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So I Get a Little Excited…

January 31, 2012


My lovely friend at Boca Frau, Susi, gave me the distinctive honors of two blogger awards. I haven’t done a blogger award ceremony in EONS. In 2008 and ’09 I got a huge, huge number of them and I got burned out. So I’ve kept away from them in general, but Susi is a new […]

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I Think I Killed My Stove… And How I Realize I Am a Terrible Blogger

January 4, 2012


Well, over the holidays I took the chance and now I see that it wasn’t the best idea…. My stove was on fire this morning. Yeah. Fun times. Let me start at the beginning since I do so love to tell a good story. I’d baked an apple pie in the oven for Christmas dinner. […]

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Embrace Your Quirks

August 25, 2011


OK, it’s bad enough that an Internet quiz is encouraging me to be zany! My poor kids….. lol…. I hadn’t done any of those goofy Internet quizzes in a long time. So when my pals Gerard and Karen did the “What Kind of Jungle Animal Are You?” quiz, I was intrigued. So, what are you […]

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People Crackers?!

January 6, 2011


Outrageous! This constitutes discrimination and encourages violence toward mailmen! Look what litter we found floating around in our yard: My husband was emotionally scarred after seeing this. He is a mailman, and he has had his share of close encounters with monster dogs. He could tell you some stories, Cujo-style, I tell ya. He’s worn […]

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