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To All of You Who Have AutoPlay Music on Your Blogs…

October 1, 2009


:cuss: Dadgum, I forgot to turn my speakers down again! The kids nearly jumped outta their skins.

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Why Turnip of Power is Wrong About Entrecards

October 17, 2008


Firstly, I’d like to make the point that without Entrecards and the Inbox feature, I’d never have known about Turnip of Power. K? I was dropping Entrecards and visited Turnip of Power. It’s an OK blog– but it’s about making money online and etc (zzzzzz). Yet, there have been some good tech articles and I […]

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July 31, 2008


Please please please PLEASE don’t play music on your blogs. It makes my browser crash and sometimes I have to reboot the whole blasted computer. Besides, sometimes I have my own music running, or my speakers are up a little too high after the last song I heard… PLEASE don’t automatically play your music on […]

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Why Have I Been Wasting My Life?!

July 19, 2008


Why have I been wasting my life dropping Entrecards with Firefox when there is Opera?!?! I used Opera to drop cards today and it took me a little over an hour to do 300. with Firefox, it takes me 3-4 hours!!! I always get the widget missing, or the page doesn’t load and then I […]

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Charter Chitter-Chatter

July 14, 2008

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I’ve grumbled before about my ISP intermittently booting me offline when I try to drop Entrecards. It’s SO frustrating! Sometimes my Firefox browser will crash when this happens… and I just can’t bear to use Internet Explorer. Grrrrrr. I’m keeping my eyes open for a new ISP. Here’s a juicy tidbit I discovered: Charter internet. […]

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Entrecard Ire

March 28, 2008


I’ve had Entrecard on this blog for a few weeks now. I’ve also read SCADS and SCADS of posts about Entrecards– how you can pimp the system, get more credits, sell credits, fanagle the widgets, make and use plugins… blah blah blah. I’m not a big dropper for this blog, anyway. Who has all that […]

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Slaves to Be Slaves

March 20, 2008

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Have you heard the expression “slaves to be free”? I think it’s been around since the Civil War era. Today, however, I think Americans are slaves to be slaves. I’d heard a story a few years ago, a true story. It is a poignant picture of the state of the American culture and mind in […]

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