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Parking FAIL

July 10, 2012


It’s always a nail-biting white-knuckled purgatory an adventure when I drive around certain areas of Central New York State. Take this morning, for example. I was only out and about for two hours or so, as the son had an appointment. Within that brief two-hour span, however, I gained 50 additional gray hairs and the […]

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Tattoo Removers and Other Strange Stuff

July 8, 2012


Well it made ME laugh. Hey, these consecutive heat waves have one benefit: Oh this is JUST what I want to do with my car, yeah! And this! This guy is all over the Internet. Is it the same Batman in a Lambo? He’s friendly! He even waves! And this just made me giggle like […]

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Random Toodles #2781

May 25, 2012


Don’t you hate it when you are clicking your taskbar to open a program and you ACCIDENTALLY CLICK THE WRONG ICON?! Almost every time this happens, it’s a HUGE program that takes 3 to 4 minutes to load and you’re stuck waiting because the whole computer practically slumps over in agony because it has all […]

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Funnies for Friday

January 13, 2012


I’m too lazy busy today to write much for the memes. I’m sorry! Here is a day I actually remember and I can’t do any of them! But I am not leaving you bereft of some fun for this Friday. I’ve been collecting various funny photos for such a day. Here are some of my […]

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Engineering FAILs

December 3, 2010


My son is currently taking a nice science course for grade 8; it teaches a lot about physics and matter and engineering (which are my favorite science topics). Like any kid, my son is not too thrilled to be reading a textbook about the stuff– but he’s exceptionally talented in engineering, I think. He’s the […]

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