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Monday Fragments

July 18, 2011


This meme is usually called “Friday Fragments” but seeing that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday totally sped by, here I am on Monday. *** I took a “vacation” from the blog and work to work on a roofing project with some friends. It’s a flat roof and OH my word, the person who came up with […]

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Friday Fragments: Weird Week

July 8, 2011


Ever get those weeks where everything seems “off,” even though nothing really has happened? That’s been my week so far. My schedule was interrupted by the holiday. Yeah, I guess I consider holidays “interruptions.” I run a tight ship, so to speak, and when there’s disruption, I feel it. When I was a kid, I […]

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Friday Fragments: Busy Little Bee

June 16, 2011


Meh, I’ve been a busy little bee these days– yes, even more busy than I usually am. Hey, I like to be busy… but not INSANELY busy, which is how it’s been lately. I must be a kook, but I registered to work for TWO more writing companies this week. They are a little less […]

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