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Another Shameless Post About My Adorable Cat

March 20, 2009


I haven’t had a cat post is such a loooooong time!!! It’s been awful, trying to hold myself back! haha! My Tabby Point Siamese, named Livvy, is now 8 months old, can you believe it?! She is getting big. She has figured out how to jump on the kitchen counters now (*sigh*) and, being Siamese, […]

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My Cat Ate a Ladybug

February 2, 2009


EWWWW! The kids just informed me that my beloved kitten has just eaten her first ladybug. It all started when my daughter saw a ladybug crawling around on the kitchen floor. She attempted to pick up the bug to get it on her hand (to take the bug outside to freeze to death, I suppose! […]

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I Need Some Cat Advice

January 26, 2009


Not advice from cats. Advice from people. With cats. Livvy was spayed today. šŸ™ She was a good girl at the vet clinic, but she’s feeling pretty lousy tonight. My question concerns this– the vet informed me that they could find no ovaries or uterus with Livvy. The vet made a longer incision than usual […]

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Livvy the Kitten and the Tooth Fairy

January 15, 2009


I posted a few days ago that my new kitten, Livvy, lost a tooth. Livvy’s friend (and modeling mentor) Daisy the Curly Cat whispered to Livvy that perhaps if the tooth went under a pillow, the Tooth Fairy *wink wink* might leave Livvy a treat. Livvy seemed very agreeable to the idea, as she has […]

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My Kitten Lost a Tooth!

January 13, 2009


(I just KNEW I’d find good use of that LOLCat photo someday!) I was upstairs, tidying up the bedroom and making the bed covers neat. My kitten Livvy loves to play when I do this. She scurries under the covers and I throw the blankets on top. She then mews until I throw them back […]

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I Have the Most Beautiful Cat in the World

December 23, 2008


No offense, Daisy! lol Someone left a comment on another post informing me that my kitten Olivia is a Tabby-Point Siamese. MY kitten has a BREED!!! Woooo! I am so excited. I knew she was special, lol! She is growing up to be quite the young lady. Isn’t she adorable?! My daughter, holding Livvy (Olivia’s […]

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Isn’t She Adorable?!

November 14, 2008


My sweet little Livvy– isn’t she cute? She’s growing so fast now. I really miss the tiny kitten stage. šŸ™ Couldn’t they stay smaller longer? Well, of course she is the darling of the house. The kids have been very busy with the camera these days. Like i always say, cats and babies are cutest […]

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My Livvy Update

November 4, 2008


Oh this kitty is growing up so fast! She’s a handful! Here’s a photo of her giving “the look.” In the next photo, you can see how sleek she is. Her baby fuzz is almost all gone, and she’s looking more like a washed-out Siamese. Now that she is used to our large house and […]

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Having Fun With the Kitten

October 30, 2008


Kittens are SO gullible, lol. I sometimes have a difficult time restraining myself from having too much fun with my kitty, Olivia. I don’t want to frustrate her and spoil her sweet temperament. But, boy, she is so funny and such a little tease! She likes to look out the window but can’t seem to […]

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