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The Pet Blog Hop

August 7, 2010


My lovely blogging friend Karen at Karen & Gerard Zemek has a neat post about pets. Their dog, Abby Dabby Doo (don’t you just LOVE that name!) was featured in their local Ohio newspaper. So Karen decided to give every pet the chance to be famous with her Pet Blog Hop. It looked like fun […]

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Polydactyl Paw Prints

January 14, 2010


Ever wonder what polydactyl kitty paw prints look like in the snow? Wonder no longer: I took the Snow Queen outside today. Got sick and tired of her sniveling at the doors and windows! That’s her paw print to the left, partially on top of one of our other “normal” cat’s paw print. I love […]

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Cat Furs Come and Go….

November 17, 2009

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…but whiskers never fade. When Livvy was a baby –about 6 or 7 months old– she got a little too close to a burning candle. I know! Yikes! Her eyebrow whiskers got singed just a little, and they shriveled and curled at the tips. It’s been almost a year since that incident, and LOOK! She […]

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Every Writer Needs a Cat

September 24, 2009


Every good writer needs a cat, especially a polydactyl cat. Cats cultivate creativity, didn’t you know? Cats sit in front of you while you work, clogging up your computer monitor and keyboard with silky cat fur. Dogs don’t do that. Cats nuzzle your chin and sweetly beg for requited love when you’ve got a deadline […]

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