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Home Ec 101: A Great Book for Newlyweds, Home Schoolers

April 30, 2011

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Springtime! It’s here! Oh, ignore all that mud and rain and frigid nighttime temperatures– there’s green out there! While shopping yesterday, the daughter and I spotted a plethora of limousines in town. It seems that every year, as soon as the snow is gone, everybody races out of their winter-weary homes to get married or […]

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A Review of the Klipsch iGroove SXT WWI iPod Dock

January 5, 2011

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Short version: I LOVE IT. Long version: …read on… While we worked on our kitchen renovation over the summer, I wanted to create a small space for a “media center.” Even if it was just a small bookshelf, I wanted to make a dedicated area for an iPod/mp3 dock. Our previous little CD player was […]

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Results for the Flies Away Fly Bait Trap Experiment

July 3, 2010


From this the first two weeks… To this last week…. To this, THIS week. And MAN the thing reeks like you wouldn’t believe! I had to move it far away from the clothesline to the back of the garden. It’s filled with flies, all right… but I do wonder if the thing is exacerbating the […]

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Coffee Maker Brew Station FAIL

May 4, 2010


UPDATE: This story has a happy ending. YAY for Hamilton-Beach! See the gory details here. Remember when I blogged about loving my new Hamilton-Beach Brew Station coffeemaker? Yeah– that REALLY expensive one?! It stinks. I finally trashed it today, after enduring the leaking spout for about two weeks. My endurance is gone, totally gone. It’s […]

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