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Sgrouples, The Privacy Revolution, and Me – At Last!

August 20, 2012

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Oh, you’ve heard me say it long and loud: everything we do online is monitored, and it’s heinous. Our online information and activities is much more than a data collection for targeted advertising, it’s social engineering and a means to control us. Did you know that Facebook is going to be implementing facial recognition software?! […]

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Clipix: Organizing Your Crazy Online Life

February 17, 2012


I just discovered a gem of a little tool! It’s called clipix. I’ve been using it all day and I think it’s rapidly becoming the VIP of web browsing tools. In case you haven’t heard, Clipix is a little tool that you use to save all the cool stuff you find online. Let’s say you […]

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To All You Google+ Users

January 30, 2012


My friend Carole wrote a very informative and enlightening post about Google+, Why I Deleted / Downgraded My G+ Profile. You MUST READ the post and the links she includes if you have signed up for Google+ or are thinking about it. My problem is this: I do not want to put my last name […]

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Poke the Pope!

September 17, 2011

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Is it sacrilegious to poke the Pope on Facebook? Is it sacrilegious that the Pope is ON Facebook?! The Catholic Pope, Joseph Ratzinger, is on Facebook. Surprisingly, he only has 9,397 friends. I thought he’d have a lot more. ….and looking a little closer… is that REALLY the REAL Pope’s Facebook page? It says “public […]

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For All You Facebookies…

January 10, 2011


OK, I’m selling out. I added a Facebook “Like” button to the blog! OK OK OK!! It will be at the bottom of every post. :hmph: So now I can’t be accused of showing partiality to *only* the Twitter followers! :shades: Here’s hoping I get some Likes that propel me to certain glittering fame and […]

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