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My Sons Saw a UFO

September 24, 2010


I DO NOT BELIEVE IN “ALIENS.” I don’t believe in UFOs as from aliens, but I do believe in UFMOs (Unidentified Flying Military Objects). I have mocked crop circles and drunken alien drivers in the past. I just don’t believe in such stuff. And I’ve raised the kids to be REALLY skeptical of it, too. […]

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Oh Those Crazy Alien Drivers!

January 9, 2009


I was bloghopping tonight, and saw this cover to the latest “hot sheet” (tabloid) and had to laugh. Those crazy alien drivers! Think of it– they invent super-duper spaceships that can travel the universe and soar into our atmosphere, avoiding detection by government spy satellites (and Google Earth), and then crash headlong into one of […]

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