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This is For All the Grammar Nazis

March 17, 2011

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I found this video on my friend Renee’s blog. The kids and I got a kick out of it, especially since we’re delving into English grammar for home lessons now. I caught an uncorrected mistake in this bright young man’s schpeel, though. Can you figure it out?

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Credit Card Holds At the Gas Station- Has This Happened to You?

March 11, 2011


I came across a very odd story in my local news this morning. There’s a bit of an outcry that gas stations are placing a “hold” on customers’ Visa and MasterCard accounts, essentially freezing their accounts for $150 to $200. Has this happened to you? According to the story, some folks have seen their credit […]

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Museum Prank by Improv Everywhere

March 8, 2011


Oh my gosh I love these guys!!!! They are Improv Everywhere, and what a great sense of humor they have! LOL… about their latest video, they say: For our latest mission we staged an unauthorized autograph signing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with an actor who bears a striking resemblance to King Philip IV […]

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Myth or Legend? Suspending Water Without a Cup?!

March 1, 2011


Hmmmm…. tell me if you think this is possible: You filled a cup with water and turned it upside down on a smooth surface. You quickly twisted and lifted the cup, and the water remained on the counter– suspended without any support– in the shape of the inverted cup. Is this REALLY possible?! My husband, […]

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Kittehs and Grabity… or, Lack of It

February 21, 2011

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Is it a thing with guys, to torment kitties?? Although, when I watch this video, I do snicker a little. LOL. šŸ˜† This proves, once again, that cats are superior to dogs. :grinny: You know if they put a dog in that room it’d be whizzing all over the place.

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Do You Have Wrap Rage?

February 9, 2011


I have been THIS close, peeps. VERY VERY CLOSE. I don’t think I would stab my new gadget with a Ronco Ginsu machete… but I’ve been preeeeeetty close. I have a honking big razor blade knife with snap-off blades (so it’s always sharp!) ready to roll whenever I come home with my new CD, lipstick, […]

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Give This Lady a Hand!

January 27, 2011


Um. WOW! This lady is pretty handy with the dishes. And I don’t mean washing them. Watch this cool video… wait for it! I’m sorry I haven’t been visiting your sites, friends. IT HAS BEEN CRAZY right now. I haven’t met my articles goal for my job, and believe it or not, I was hired […]

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Do Other Shopping Lines Really Move Faster?

January 16, 2011


I saw this video by an engineer– and who am I to question an engineer, right? — but after watching this video, I have to disagree with the guy. It’s a rather long video, but take a minute to watch it and tell me what you think… I think the flaw in this “Queueing Theory” […]

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Meet Me on Monday #30

January 10, 2011


Woohoo! Another week begins! I like Monday, but I always seems to get a late start (I work at home, and the kids are homeschooled). I don’t know why I do this meme so late- sorry, gals! I should do it on Sunday nights, but I am always so tired then! Well, anyway, this weeks […]

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Men’s Gift Spoof: Mandles

January 8, 2011


OMG this is SO funny! I love the “Chuck Norris Sweat” mandle. Ladies, what would you get for your man? Men, what is your favorite? And seeing that tomorrow is Sunday, here’s a tutorial video on How To Fit in At Church. šŸ™‚ Hat tip Renee at AGlimpseofBeautiful.com for the video! LOL

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