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Whole Bunch of Turkeys Will Be There

October 22, 2011

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Spotted at my local Walmart: Stuffed behind a HUGE display and assortment of stupid Halloween crap (I hate Halloween), the Thanksgiving stuff barely gets any notice. But I saw these turkey hats and nearly keeled over with laughter. The hats play “Turkey in the Straw.” WHAT KIND of looney family would wear a TURKEY HAT?!?!? […]

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Why I Hate Non-Stick Cookware

December 29, 2009


:gah: See those black stripes? That’s not burger grill marks… That’s the non-stick cookware that has come off the grill onto the burgers! GRRRRRRR This happens to me all the time, with every pan I buy! Am I the only one? I’ve had this problem with just about every non-stick cookware I buy. I don’t […]

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A Review of Dunkin Donuts Coffee

August 22, 2009


I splurged. I’m on a coffee binge these days. Don’t ask me why, because the temperatures have been in the high 80s and 90s and you’d think I’d be wanting iced tea or something. But I’m just loving coffee right now, and so I’ve been experimenting with a few of the “fancy brands” (or “foo-foo” […]

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