Tattoo Removers and Other Strange Stuff

July 8, 2012


white trash repairs - This May Sting a Little...

Well it made ME laugh.

Hey, these consecutive heat waves have one benefit:

white trash repairs - It May Be 115 Degrees Outside, But at Least I Have Cookies...

Oh this is JUST what I want to do with my car, yeah!

white trash repairs - I... It's... It's a... Erm... A Thing!

And this!

white trash repairs - The Con-van-ible

This guy is all over the Internet. Is it the same Batman in a Lambo?

He’s friendly! He even waves!

And this just made me giggle like a little girl. LOVE IT!

white trash repairs - You Know How You're Always Bugging Me to Change the Toilet Paper Roll?

Well, that was a fun diversion. Time to get back to work…. :-p

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4 Responses to “Tattoo Removers and Other Strange Stuff”

  1. lin Says:

    Oh, to think of the amount of cookies I could have “baked” this week! Ugh. The temps finally cooled today, but no sign of rain….ever again. šŸ™

    • Rebecca Says:

      Oh, Lin, I hear ya! I have huge parking lots all around my house– oh the cookies we could have made! LOL

  2. vanilla Says:

    pic #1: That’s where it went! I washed that thing and put it away last week; spouse wanted it, couldn’t find it, neither could I. I need it back to save my marriage.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Vanilla– LOL!! Well, when you’re done grating your tattoos, put the grater back on the shelf for the others to use, k? šŸ˜‰