Technology Hates Me

August 30, 2008


What is it with me?! Why do I attract the weirdest problems known to modern man? Last night, some of you people sent me emails (THANK YOU for that) informing me that my blog was acting “screwy.” Some folks tried to leave comments, but the blog imploded on them while doing so. I found out that my web host went bonkers, and lost my DNS information for a while, but they said they fixed it. Well, don’t go on any European cruises yet, guys; looks like something is still screwy!

Tonight at about the same time as last night, I get an email saying the same thing. Wha?! Why me, why me, why me?? šŸ™

My blog is back up– I haven’t seen any problems– but the errors seem intermittent. I appreciate you guys giving me heads up on this. I wish I knew what to do!


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