Tel Aviv Luxury Apartments

May 14, 2012


Dave Stotts from Drive Thru History has a new DVD series called “Holy Land.” So far, we have seen the first three episodes, and we LOVE THEM!!! We love history, and Dave makes it such fun to learn it. But he also covers lots of other stuff in the DVDs, like the current state of the country, things he sees as he visits, and such. It’s really eye-opening to see it.

I have a friend who lives in Tel Aviv. I actually haven’t emailed him in EONS, may I should do that, sheesh! I often think of him. Tel Aviv is kind of like the “New York City” of Israel. It’s beautifully kept, full of interesting things to see and do, and is a huge tourist destination. My friend has repeatedly invited us over to see the city (that was years ago, though). There are scads of Tel Aviv Luxury Apartments there, all available for the taking. Oh how I would LOVE to see Israel, especially Tel Aviv! The city is actually the ancient Jaffa of the Bible, where the prophet Jonah departed on his now-famous journey over (and into) the sea. Historians think Jaffa/Tel Aviv has been inhabited for over 9,500 years. WOW! Imagine the history! You could dig a hole in the backyard and probably pull up an old coin or pottery sherd!

Anyway, Luxury Real estate in Israel is hot right now. If I had the dough, I’d do it. Tel Aviv is off the Mediterranean Sea, and one of my lifelong dreams is to see that sea. And Tel Aviv is very close to so many of the other beautiful sights in Israel, just a drive’s away from many of the major cities in Israel. I’d also go see the tree planted in honor of my step-grandfather when he died in the 1980s. Many luxury apartments have three bedrooms and BEAUTIFUL views of the city and the sea. Who knows, maybe someday our family of six will show up on the doorstep of my Israelite pal, and we’ll snack on some falafel and catch up on things.

If you could buy a second home or vacation home, where would it be?


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