Ten Signs You’re Obssessed with the Internet

September 24, 2011


1. You turn off your modem and get this awful, empty feeling… Yeahhhhh….

2. You spent half of the plane trip with the laptop on your lap… and your child in the overhead compartment. :grinny:

3. You start using smiles in your snail mail. I thought everyone did this??

4. Your cat has its own home page. :whistle: OK OK Well, she doesn’t have her own HOME page but she is a frequent contributor on my home blog!


5. You wake up at 3am to go to the bathroom and stop to check your email on the way back to bed. šŸ˜³

6. You decide to stay in college for an additional year or two just for the free Internet access. Meh, this was not so funny. Doesn’t college cost upwards of $20,000 a year? Ditch the college and get a T1 line for $10,000 a year. :smarty:

7. You check your mail. It says “No new messages.” So you check again. I am proud to say that I am OVER THAT. No longer do I check for email right away again. I now wait a good 15 minutes!

8. You name your kids “Dotcom,” “Modem,” and “Emoticon.” Well, I haven’t gone THAT far…

9. You laugh at people with dial-up. *snicker*

10. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. :jittery: You mean you don’t do that?

How’d you rate? My favorite is probably #2 and #9. I used to have dial up and I remember those painful days of agony….

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12 Responses to “Ten Signs You’re Obssessed with the Internet”

  1. Dazee Says:

    I have my emails come to my phone so I can be anywhere to get them. Yeah, I’m a sicko.

  2. Renee Says:

    Haha! I’m obsessed with the internet!! šŸ˜› I’ll have to stumble this post šŸ˜‰ … and start tilting my head sideways when I smile! šŸ™‚

  3. Rebecca Says:

    OOOOO a Stumble!!! šŸ˜€ Thanks!

  4. Rena Says:

    Hahaha love #2!!!!

    I used to be really addicted to email and message boards but not any longer. Sometimes I actually forget to check my email. I used to spend a lot of time on facebook but not so much anymore. I do love to read news articles online still though. I read about 5 to 6 different news sites (a few local) usually every day. I have been using the internet since 1998 so being addicted to it has worn off mostly…which is a good thing because I used to spend 12 hours a day online!!! I used to get headaches, backaches, wrist pain, fatigue from it.

    I have neglected my blog lately, I was really into blogging for awhile but then lost interest for some time. I am like that with a lot of things, I go in phases.

  5. Mike Says:

    Awesome, I only got 3 out of 10! B) #7 is so true it’s not even funny. I do that all the time without even thinking about it. šŸ˜› Funny list though! šŸ˜€

  6. Jay Says:

    I have gotten better at checking my emails every few minutes… 15 minutes is more like it, but a GOOD day is when my email box is filled with good emails. šŸ˜› My favorite is #5, though! That is HILARIOUS!!!

  7. blueyes Says:

    I get my emails coming to my phone too. I, do however, avoid my work email all the time. People there take it way too far and can get an answer in 1 minute by actually using a telephone and some conversation rather than waiting when I actually time to open that sh*t up and then call them back to answer them just out of principle.

  8. Karen and Gerard Says:

    At least according to this list, I am pleased to say I am not obsessed with the Internet; although I am addicted to blogging!

  9. Hilary - Feeling Beachie Says:

    This is great… but unfortunatley, I answered yes to way too many questions!

  10. lin Says:

    I’m bad at checking email, the blog, and FB if I’m home. I wish I could just turn it off and KEEP it off!