Ten Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t

November 3, 2011


I saw Karen’s post 12 Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t and was intrigued by her answers. Yep, I haven’t done those things (except maybe I’ve read as many books or more in my lifetime). Her post got me thinking, so I thought I’d join in and have a little fun. I’d be really neat if you have done any of these things– I’d love to know! Here’s goes….

1. I worked at Chuck E. Cheese. AS CHUCK E. CHEESE. Yeah, I wore the costume. In the restaurant. In Philadelphia. I lived there for one month. It was all I could take. I lived there my friend who I’d met through a Star Wars fan club– we were pen pals for a few years. After graduating high school, she invited me to live with her in her parents’ home in Philadelphia. So I did. I intended to stay there the entire summer, working at Chuck E. Cheese. But I couldn’t stand the city, I couldn’t stand my friends’ lifestyle, and I couldn’t stand Chuck E. Cheese!! So I left after 4 weeks. I wrote more about my experience in my post Upchuck E. Cheese. lol

2. I went to drama school. I attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan in the mid 1980’s. I still can’t believe I did that– where did I get the chutzpah to leave my rural Upstate NY home and live in the nation’s largest city, knowing absolutely NO ONE? But I survived. It was quite the experience.

3. I suffered a house fire. It was arson. Without getting into too many gory details, my family life was, shall we say, “dysfunctional.” My stepdad went bonkers after my mom left him, and he set the house on fire. Thank God, no one was home at the time (although it was pretty hairy for a while because we couldn’t locate all of the family members at first, and the firemen were nervous about that), but the house burned to the ground. It was a really rough time in my life, but Jesus got me through it.

4. I delivered a 10 1/2 pound baby. For a while, we didn’t think I was gonna get it done, and my son wasn’t terribly cooperative…. at one point during the delivery, the doctor freaked out a little, and hollered to one of the nurses to go get the surgeon immediately. The nurse hesitated. He yelled at her again, but she turned to me first. She told me that the baby was not moving. My husband and I prayed loudly, “In Jesus’ name, get out!” and my son was born immediately. We could almost hear the doctor’s jaw clatter to the tile floor. He later muttered “It was a miracle!” The nurse later told me that if the surgeon had been there, he would have broken the baby’s collarbones. This is a very dangerous procedure, with a high risk of nerve damage, and my son’s limbs could have been paralyzed for life.

5. I was a disc jockey for a few radio stations before becoming a “stay at home mom.” I loved those jobs! I thought perhaps I could get back into radio after the kids were grown, but radio has changed so much. There are very few local stations anymore– everything is nationalized. Local stations no longer have local DJs, but they subscribe to satellite feeds from one centralized station. The local flavor and fun is gone. Such a shame.

6. I’ve been on TV and in a movie filming. I worked with Edward Hermann on a telethon in New York in 1986. I can’t remember what the fundraiser was for, but I was part of a group of fresh-faced drama students who “answered phones” on television. We were instructed to look busy and answer the phones even when the phones were not ringing. Hermann chatted with us students briefly. He has a wonderful voice– he did the narration for the PBS American Experience: Liberty series, and he’s done the Dodge Ram commercials, too. I was also cast as an extra in a movie called “A Christmas Rose.” It starred Della Reese and Randy Travis. It was filmed in Walton, NY, in the winter of… 1984? 1985? The movie never went to the big screen; instead the footage was redone for TV, for a show called “Touched By an Angel.” It was quite an experience.

7. I won a spelling bee. My family had JUST moved to a new town, and I was determined to start a new leaf and become more sociable and active in my school. I wasn’t a very good student– average “B” student — and the new school I attended classified the kids by their average grade. There was the “elite” group of really brainy kids, the “average” group of kids like me, and the “dummy” group full of dysfunctional or lazy kids. I don’t like those nicknames, but those were the nicknames we students gave each other at the time (kids can be so cruel sometimes). Well, only the “elites” entered the spelling bee, but dumb ol’ Rebecca the New Kid had no idea at the time that “average” and “dummy” kids never entered these contests…. so I entered, on a whim, and I won. I think everyone was very surprised that a bespectacled “B” student could outspell the brains. I think I was the most surprised! The prize was $10, a fortune at that time.

8. I’ve been baptized in the Holy Spirit. Yep, talking in tongues and praising the Lord. šŸ™‚ It’s in the Bible, ya know!

9. I was a Bible Trivia champion. Over ten years ago now, back when Microsoft MSN had public chat rooms, I joined a Bible Trivia Chat Group. It was led by a man from California– he’d been a criminal in jail, read the Bible, and became a Christian. He was so overjoyed that God had forgiven him that he started a special chat room dedicated to knowing the scriptures. It was so much fun– a moderator began by asking a Bible question, and the first one to answer correctly got to ask the next question. We went in rounds. It was great. I was awarded the champion because I knew so many details about the Bible (especially Old Testament history). It was a great opportunity, too, to share the gospel with other people. Boy, it was fun!

10. I can trace my genealogy back to the Scandinavian tribal chiefs from 900 AD. Weird, I know. Some of my ancestors include a King of Jerusalem (Guy Lusingnan), the kings of England, and a signer of the Mayflower Compact.

I’d really like to know what your unique accomplishments or experiences have been! I am in my 40s, and I’ve had a lot of time for experiences, lol. But everyone has some unique things that have happened– what are yours?

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6 Responses to “Ten Things I’ve Done That You Probably Haven’t”

  1. akaGaGa Says:

    6. I was on TV on a local news show once. I was leading a protest (me, protest? can you believe it?) because the state DPW was doing road construction in the ADK’s, and they were going to remove Pig Rock, just north of Speculator. Pig Rock is a landmark, and a favorite memory of my childhood, so I called TV stations and radio stations, and made as much fuss as I could. It’s still there. šŸ™‚

    8. Yup. Other than getting saved, it’s the one event that has most changed my life. It really opened up the Bible for me.

    11. I was the guest on a Christian radio show. The host, a friend of mine, was filling in for the regular host, and he was nervous and wanted someone with him that he knew would talk a lot. Can you believe he picked me?

    12. When I was 19 and fearless, my boyfriend had a ’63 Corvette that we used to take to Lebanon Valley Speedway every Sunday. We took turns drag-racing, up to speeds of 130 in that little quarter mile. My husband brings this up every time some male acquaintance makes disparaging remarks about “women drivers.” I love my husband.

    13. This one you’re not allowed to tell anyone, but after my daughter was born (she’s my oldest) I was frustrated by the loose fat decorating my belly, so I signed up for an exercise class at the local community college … in belly dancing. It was great fun, and more importantly, it worked. They really use those belly muscles!

  2. lin Says:

    wow, you’ve got some stories there!! My life is very boring in comparison!!

    The house fire–yikes. That would scar me for life.

    What is with Philadelphia?? Grace hates it too. Calls it “Filthadelphia”. Is is really that bad??

    I like the Dramatic Arts high school. I just keep thinking “Fame”. šŸ™‚ Cool!

  3. Bev@My Reader's Block Says:

    I had to do it too….


  4. Dazee Says:

    I probably saw that Touched By An Angel. It was my favorite show.

    I gave birth to a 10 lb 4 oz baby. And he was by far my easiest birth. Go figure.

    I might have to steal this. šŸ™‚

  5. dojo Says:

    He he, I’ve done 2 things: had family issues as kid (being abandoned by the mom and raised by the dad) and worked as a radio DJ for 10 years.

    I’m just grateful that my life hasn’t been entirely bad (with all the poverty and family issues) and that I could overcome everything I set my mind on. I think this is the most important lesson: make lemonade when life deals you too many lemons šŸ™‚

  6. Anna Says:

    Now you’ve got me thinking. I might have to try this.

    That Bible chat group sounds like fun.