Thai Dragon Fruit Febreze

March 30, 2010


Ooo I love it when I get surprise packages in the mail. A very nice advertiser sent me the latest Febreze product, to check out before it’s widely distributed. I’m so honored that they cherish my opinion. After saying our hellos to the Ugly Pooch Snatcher (what we imagine our dog calls the UPS man), we opened up the box to find this beautifully wrapped gift. Whoa! What could be inside?!


Pretty! It’s Thai Dragon Fruit Febreze!


It came with the Febreze spray, a little wooden elephant knick-knack, and the elegant silk scarf with an elastic ball gift-wrapper. Livvy LOVES the elastic ball!


I love the Febreze, and the scarf. I use the scarf to cover my computer monitor at night (to keep Livvy from licking the LCD screen, ew). The scent is their best scent ever, although I still do like the vanilla Febreze an awful lot. This Thai Dragon Febreze is part of Febreze’s new “Febreze Destinations Collection.” The Thai scent is sweet smelling– none of that nasty, acrid smell that other fresheners have (which give me headaches). We’ve been using the Thai Febreze a lot because we’d have the dog in the house since she’s been ill. Boy, it has come in HANDY, I tell you. Phew, beagles smell.

Anyway, the Thai is nice. It’s soft, and it smells a lot like papaya/mangoes might smell if you stuffed them into an aerosol can. I think it’s one of Febreze’s best. By the way, there’s a cool Febreze Destinations Collection Sweepstakes going on, if you like contests.

One Grand Prize winner will receive a trip for two to Thailand estimated at $18,800, plus $5,000 spending money. The trip includes two business class round trip flights, 7-day/6-night accommodations, and select tours and excursions for optional entertainment. OR you could choose a check in the amount of $5,000.

First Prize:
One First Prize Winner will receive $5,000 toward a Destinations-inspired makeover for their home.

Wowsa! I entered. I would LOVE to see Thailand (my kitty is Siamese, of COURSE we’d bring her along!). But I’d also love to have $5000 for my kitchen renovation project.

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7 Responses to “Thai Dragon Fruit Febreze”

  1. Buggys Says:

    My life would not be the same without Febreeze. I love it, use it all the time and I will be trying the new scent when it comes out.

  2. Vixen Says:

    I adore Febreeze, but am not a big fan of fruity smells. At all. But I love their other stuff and the scarf is awesome.

  3. Jen Says:

    I just entered. That was one of the best entry forms I have ever submitted to. Know why? They start the year of birth at 1900 and that means I have to scroll more than half way through before I hit my age. P&G knows how to makes their consumers feel pretty good, unless of course you were born in 1900.

  4. Connie Says:

    I do not like perfume-y sprays of any kind… rather odd as I love incense!… but I like air/odor neutralizers and Febreeze products really, truly work. It’s not just a cover-up. We packed our truck out of Cairo in May of last year… someone at the port smoked in it and then it was closed up until August. GROSS! I used a bottle of Febreeze on the fabrics and carpets, and a can of Lysol throughout the cabin right after it was delivered to us then closed it up for 24hrs. When I opened the car the next day, it smelled like car again, not quite new car (I mean, 7yrs old, that ain’t gonna happen!) but it smelled good. It has continued to smell properly neutral, without any additional treatment, even after being packed up, closed up, and shipped internationally again.

  5. Lin Says:

    Gees, that was a lovely package to get! I’m digging the scarf. 🙂

  6. Isolated Existence Says:

    I love Febreeze. The Thai sounds like it smells delish! I can’t handle the vanilla scent though. Gives me a migraine, lol. Very nice package, enjoy…

  7. jenni Says:

    WOW this is beautiful!! I’ll definitely try this scent…seems fabulous!

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