That “OH NO I FORGOT” Moment

December 20, 2011


Does it happen to you?? Your shopping cart is loaded — absolutely stuffed sky high — with gifts and groceries… you check out after waiting in line for 45 minutes… cram everything into your car and sit in the driver’s seat with a sigh of relief…. and THEN it hits you.

OH MY WORD I forgot to get that item!!!

The thought of tackling the store aisles and checkout lanes makes you want to wilt. Oh, this happens to me all the time. Even when I write a list, there is always something that I inevitably overlook. UGH.

Well, guess what– I’ve got a solution! And it’s a great one– order online!!!! Have flowers delivered or order a lavish gift card or book and order the fast shipping (which has saved my neck on many an occasion). Seriously, fast shipping is not at all expensive when you grab a coupon or discount code from The website also has loads and loads of discounts on goods and services. I always check out first before hitting that “Buy Now” button. I have literally saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars from the website. And it costs you nothing to use! You can even get help for your own frugal needs, because has a community of members who band together and discuss discounts and how to save money. It’s a very, very nice site.

So relax. Take a deep breath. Battle the traffic and go home. Order what you forgot online and MAKE SURE you use a coupon!

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2 Responses to “That “OH NO I FORGOT” Moment”

  1. Karen Says:

    All I can say is, Awesome!