The Beauty of Storage Heaters

May 24, 2011


Well, I *think* the winter heating system has FINALLY ended. I can’t believe how cool it’s been! Last week, we had to fire up the gas heaters and the electric heater for the dogs, it was mighty chilly.

After all is said and done, I think we did pretty well for the year. We used only two gas heaters for the entire downstairs (and the heat did float upstairs a bit, too). And we have storage heaters in the dogs’ room and electric baseboard heaters in the upstairs bedrooms. By far, gas heaters are the most economical. We paid mere hundreds and not thousands to heat the house this winter. However, the electric baseboards are PRICEY. We only ran them when we had to. I knew they would be expensive when I installed them (last summer). Eventually we may get a hydronic system installed upstairs, as i am not too keen on gas in the bedrooms. But even then, I like my zoned heat. Electric space heaters are good for zones, because they heat up a space very quickly, and you can shut it off when you leave. That’s unlike a huge central forced air furnace, that belches out the heat into all rooms whether you want it to or not.

So how’d you do this winter? Would you ever ditch your central heating and go with space heaters?

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