The Best Infant Formula for Baby AND for Budget

October 22, 2009


It’s no big surprise that mother’s milk is the best for the new baby. The American Academy of Pediatrics sees it as the “gold standard” when it comes to what your baby needs. I nursed all my children when they were young, but I did feed two of them with powdered formula after a few months. There is tremendous guilt for some moms who decide to stop nursing their babies and switch to baby formula; I sure felt it! But every mom is different and every baby’s needs are different, too. Truly, there is NOTHING like mother’s milk, nothing. Infant formulas cannot even come close to the nutritional (and emotional and mental) value of mother’s milk.

However, infant formula is a safe alternative. And it does not need to break the budget, either! If you are on WIC (Women, Infant, Child program), you may already know of a new change since October 1– WIC is supplying slightly less benefits toward infant formula to encourage mothers to nurse their babies with their own milk. In place of the formula, WIC has relocated funds to go toward fresh fruits and veggies, etc. I’ve heard that WIC is reducing infant formula benefits as much as 20%! So if you feed your baby formula, or plan to, there IS another alternative: store brand formula. Store-brand is JUST as nutritional, JUST as safe, but it is much less expensive than those name-brand formulas. You can read more about this issue– and find some infant formula coupons– by following the link to store brand formula.

I’ve always been of the mindset “Why pay more than you have to?” We are marketed to buy name-brand formulas constantly, when there is no nutritional difference between that and store-brand formula! The only difference is the cost. So while mother’s milk is definitely best for baby, if you ever need to get infant formula you should never have to go bankrupt doing so! Check out the website and read the press release about the WIC changes, and see a video by Dr. Barbara Levine of Weil Cornell Medical College. And don’t forget to nab the coupons!




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One Response to “The Best Infant Formula for Baby AND for Budget”

  1. castocreations Says:

    Guilt isn’t even the right word for what I felt when I couldn’t breast feed. I tried for over two weeks with no luck and finally on day 15 SOME milk came in but by that point the boy was used to formula and the bottle and would not latch…not to mention he wasn’t getting enough breast milk to fill him up anyway.

    I am sticking with the formula they started him on in the hospital (his blood sugar dropped way too low and we had no choice but to give him formula and an IV). It’s Similac and Costco carries it. It’s expensive but I’d rather stick with it than switch him.

    I HATE having to give him formula…I wanted nothing more than to breast feed and I sobbed for several days about my inability to provide for him. It really is amazing the guilt and pressure people put on you…not to mention the pressure I put on myself. I just had to let it go and move on. The boy is healthy and gaining great weight. He’ll be 4 weeks on Saturday. šŸ™‚