The Curse of the Vacuum Cleaner- Is It Over?!

February 27, 2009


If you’ve been following this blog and my other blog, New York, you’ve seen me moan and groan about my plight with defunct vacuum cleaners. And I am starting to get mighty suspicious if this defunctness (is that a word?!) is a curse of vacuum cleaners. THEY NEVER WORK FOR ME!!! Argh!! I research online, read reviews, buy the stinkin’ things, and then in six to twelve months, the thing is dead or doesn’t vacuum like it used to. This has happened ever since my ancient Hoover died, about 15 years ago. Since then, none of the newer vacuums have worked sufficiently for me. I know my house takes a heavy toll on vacuums– it’s an 1855 house with the original 1855 plaster, so it’s pretty dusty here. And we have a bird, who creates about 1.322 kilotons of dust per month…

ANYWAY. I have to get a new vacuum. Again. *sobs* And has anyone noticed that the Big Box stores are raising their prices? There is no way I’m going to shell out $150 for a cheesy vacuum, plus pay 9% sales tax (that’s what it is here in New York State), plus buy vac filters every month for $15-20!!! And that’s all for the “no-name” brand!

So this morning I decided to check out my new favorite online store, They have vacuum cleaners!! And a whole bunch of them are on sale, with free shipping! I’m ecstatic. Most of their vacuums are name brand and the prices are a good 25% to 35% lower than my local Big Box stores– not to mention that there’s no tax for purchases in NYS. So my daughter and I are going to cozy up in front of the computer screen- she with her tea and I with my coffee– and shop for vacuums. This Hoover vacuum looks very sweet. But I confess: I’m scared. After all these failures, I’m striken with prochacervacuusobia— the fear of buying vacuums!

If you have ANY suggestions for vacuums– reliable name brands you trust, or pieces of junk you know are duds, please let me know. The carpet dirt is piling up, and I need to get one soon, before the bird dust takes over…

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4 Responses to “The Curse of the Vacuum Cleaner- Is It Over?!”

  1. Jenera Says:

    I think the vacuum companies make crappy products on purpose to suck us in. I have bought more vacuums than I can remember just in the last year.

    But, about 3 months ago, I bought the Bissel Powerforce Bagless and I love it! It has washable filters that are actually made to be washed. I have to wash mine about once a week (we have a dog) and it is still going strong. My last vacuum prior to this one crapped out after just one month. I think I paid about $90 for it and it still acts brand new.

  2. Allison Says:

    Holy Cow, you pay 9% sales tax? What county are you IN??? It’s only 7 3/4% here in Chautauqua County!

  3. Rebecca Says:

    Jenera, I think you are EXACTLY right. I’m trying to go wood flooring, but the process is rather slow. I’ll check out the Bissell– thanks for that!!

    Allison- it was 9.75% can you BELIEVE THAT?!?! They lowered it to 8.75% in December. Big whoop. It’s Oneida County. :-p

  4. JT Locke Says:

    Last week I bought a Bissell PowerGroom Dual Cyclonic Pet. It was $127 at Wally-world. I also purchased the additional warranty that will replace it if it breaks within the year … it was only $9.00. Absolutely love this vacuum. It is a powerful one that had great online reviews on the Wally-world page.