The Digital Home Away From Home

August 2, 2010


When I was traveling away from home recently, I’d tried out some remote access software. I loved it!! It was like having my little home away from home. I also didn’t have to worry about having all my personal information on my travel netbook, either– all I had to remember was my remote access username and password (and, thank God, I did remember it, too!). It was pretty neat stuff– the technology blows my mind. I first encountered remote access software when I was a newbie to DSL. My ISP wanted me to download some software so they could help fix some tech problems I was having. It was interesting.. I didn’t like a stranger having access to my computer, though. Later, I tried remote access software for some relatives who were are always having tech problems. I am the “geek” of the extended family. :-p It is NO FUN trying to help a non-computer geek via phone. Very frustrating.

So I love remote access hardware. 😀 It’s cool. I’m definitely going to use it whenever I travel. Problem is, I don’t want to pay through the nose for it, month after month, when I am not traveling. So I’ve been shopping around. There’s some good, solid, stable software that’s got great encryption– 256-bit encryption – the highest in its class. Ooo la la. 😀 So I know the files I exchange and the access I manage is secure. The stuff has a free 30-day trial, too (longer than the other trials for the other remote access software).

Maybe you gals going to BlogHer can use this stuff. BELIEVE ME, you don’t want to carry around your laptops filled with your personal information and user accounts and passwords!! Don’t do it! Remote access software is secure. With it, you can create your own little Virtual Private Network, and access your computer and everything in it as your normally would. The technology is amazing!

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