The Dirt Devil Dynamite Vacuum Sucks

June 3, 2008

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I love to write reviews. I have loads and loads of opinions (just ask my husband, lol) and I do like to write. I used to buy something, and then go back to the store website (Staples, C|Net, whatever) and write a review. But they all require that you register before posting a review. That’s understandable, but I had about three dozen registrations floating around the Internet! Too many. So now that I have a mommy blog, I can write my reviews right here! 😀 And who better to read them than you other moms who can directly benefit (I hope) from my reviews. I’m not a BIG shopper, so I don’t have tons and tons of reviews to make. But I buy things to last. And I love it when they do and hate it when they don’t. So, without further ado….

Why I Dislike the Dirt Devil Dynamite Vacuum

I got this little machine at WalMart about a year ago. I loved it because it was very lightweight. I have a back injury and could no longer haul the 50-pounder around and up the stairs. This Dirt Devil Dynamite (DDD) is only 9 pounds! It comes with a HEPA filter, which I like, too. The filter replacements are about $10 and the instructions tell you to change them every six months. It also has a 25-foot long cord, a real plus in my book! I have large rooms and I HATE having to unplug and replug every 10 feet or so. The cord length is great. So, sitting on the shelf at WalMart, it looked like everything I wanted. Unfortunately, you can’t test out vacuums at WalMart. I remember the good ol’ days when you could get good prices at Sears and try out the machines….

The DDD comes with no attachments. We didn’t have any little hand-held vacuum, either, so we used the Shop-Vac for the carpeted stairs, or swept them. Attachments add bulk and weight to the vacuum machine and I do not like them. But we do need something that will get small spaces! I will get one, someday, lol…

Well, besides having no attachments, the DDD worked pretty well. It likes bare floors and very low-shag carpets. We have two rooms that have more cushier carpeting (but they are not very heavy). The DDD wouldn’t pick anything up on those carpets. Great.

It’s horribly, horribly noisy. I suppose this is due to its light weight and construction. But, HOLY COW, I had to put small pieces of Kleenex in my ears, or risk damaging my hearing. What really irks me is, with all our modern technology in this world, WHY can we not make a quieter vacuum? Why are all vacuums so noisy? Sure, some are quieter than others, and I know about the powerful motors, blah blah. But holy cow, is there some universal law in the quantum mechanics/physics world that makes it impossible to invent a quieter vacuum?

The second beef was with the HEPA filter. It clogged up very easily and we had to replace it every few weeks, or the vacuum wouldn’t pick anything up. The cost of the filters was quickly offsetting the money I thought I’d saved by avoiding the expensive monster Hoover vacuum that took bags.

Also, emptying the DDD filter bin that had filled with dust was very messy. The dust flew everywhere, so it was best done outside. In the winter, we had to do it in our garage. It was inconvenient and messy. The filter also got stuck a few times. When we tried to twist it out to remove it, the top half of the filter tore off! My husband had to use pliers to pry out the bottom plastic base, stuck inside the narrow dust bin. This happened on three occasions.

Finally, the flimsy plastic wheel broke off the machine. It won’t vacuum with only one wheel. So it is sitting in my garage while I use my sister’s cheapo-but-very-reliable-and powerful Bissell model that she bought for $25 less than what I paid for the DDD! It uses bags, but it vacuums all the rugs!

So I have to give the Dirt Devil Dynamite a thumbs down. It was a fussy, finicky vacuum that wouldn’t do the average household jobs, and it made a lot of noise, to boot. It was my first time taking a chance, buying a Dirt Devil. I’m going back to Hoover.

4 Responses to “The Dirt Devil Dynamite Vacuum Sucks”

  1. chilly Says:

    Hi there!
    Stopping in to say you’ve been tagged. Hope you don’t mind.
    Have a great week! 🙂

  2. ssgreylord Says:

    Love your review. I’ll stay away from Dirt Devil. Always been a Hoover girl myself. Love the title-it’s what caught my eye and made me want to read…

  3. Carole Says:

    I still have and use the Hoover vac I got when I got married 14 YEARS AGO. That thing has vacuumed up everything from Christmas tree needles to kitty litter, and even after 14 years the suction is still decent (and we have pets). Can’t say a bad thing about my Hoover.

  4. Joe Says:

    Have never tried the Dynamite before but the Dirt Devil Vision is actually a very nice one in my opinion. It’s a canister type vacuum, not heavy or too bulky and does the job.